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Pinterest Reveals the Top Trending Searches for Fall 2019

Pinterest proclaims that fall is “back to life” season as searches for self-improvement topics spike as the summer comes to a close.

This pattern typically occurs twice throughout the calendar year – once during the new year and again right before fall.

Pinterest cites a study that reveals over half (57%) of US adults say that they are looking for ways to maintain their positive summer mindset through fall.

As a result, searches for ideas like improving finances, feeling more positive, organizing the home, and planning for the future all see a resurgence during this time.

Pinterest marketers should be aware of these trends going into fall season and start planning ways to capitalize on these “back to life” searches.

With that said, here’s a look at the top trending topics on Pinterest for fall 2019.

Getting Organized

As people look to organize all aspects of their life around this time of year, here’s what they’re searching for on Pinterest:

  • Life organization (up 78% year-over-year)
  • Sustainable lifestyle (up 108%)
  • Organization videos (up 230%)
  • Budgeting finances (up 3,298%)

New Routines

Healthy habits take center stage as summer winds down, with users looking to add structure to their lives with new routines. Specific top trends include:

  • Productive day routine (up 108%)
  • Morning routine videos (up 161%)
  • Weekend routine (up 144%)

Positive Mindsets

Pinterest users are searching for terms that help them adapt more positive mindsets. Specific trends include:

  • Inspirational poetry quotes (up 650%)
  • Positive quotes to live by (up 279%)
  • Healthy mindset (up 71%)
  • Radiate positivity (up 103%)

Setting Goals

Similar to New Year’s resolution season, “back to life” season sees a spike in goal-related searches. Specific trends include:

  • Goal planning (up 128%)
  • Dream house plans (up 669%)
  • Big family goals (up 86%)
  • Travel dreams (up 2,178%)

All percent increases were calculated using normalized searches from June 2018 to June 2019. For more information, see the full set of data here.

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Pinterest Reveals the Top Trending Searches for Fall 2019

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