Pinterest Is Bringing Guided Search From Its Mobile Apps To Desktop Users

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In April we reported that Pinterest will be bringing a new feature called Guided Search to its mobile apps, designed to help users find things “they didn’t even know they were looking for.”

If you’re looking for something but are not quite sure what it is, Guided Search is there to help. Just start typing what it is you’re thinking of and Pinterest will return categories and keywords that not only start with the same letters, but are also related to the keywords you may be looking for.

Today, Pinterest announced they will be bringing that same search experience to the Web:

Now when you search for something, descriptive guides will help you sift through all the good ideas from other Pinners. Scroll through the guides and click any that look interesting to steer your search in the right direction. You might be surprised where you end up!

In addition, Pinterest is putting the search bar front and center to help users find things even faster. They have also made it easier to filter your search by Pins, boards or other Pinners who you might be looking for.

Guided Search will be available in English to all users in the coming weeks, with more languages said to be coming eventually.

For more information, here is a demonstration video of Guided Search for desktop:

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Matt Southern

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    Now that users have this guided search option for both their mobile and desktop, businesses that use Pinterest to interact with their customers should focus more on the keywords that they associate their boards and pins with. Make sure to tag with effective words. Put yourself in the position of a searcher: what would they type in to search for your product/service?