Pinterest Announces Improvements To User Experience With Guided Search, Custom Categories, and More

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Pinterest announced some improvements to their user experience at an event held last night at their headquarters in San Francisco. The improvements include features like Guided Search, Custom Categories, and better Related Pins.

Guided Search

According to Pinterest’s announcement, the social networking site has grown by 50% in the past six months. It now features 750 million boards containing over 30 billion images. That’s a lot of data to look through when you’re searching for something. 

“With so many possibilities, you might not know the best one till you see it,” said Pinterest in their announcement, which is why they developed Guided Search.

If you’re looking for something but are not quite sure what it is, that’s where Guided Search comes in. Start typing what it is you’re thinking of and Pinterest will return categories and keywords that not only start with the same letters, but are also related to the keywords you may be looking for.

Here’s a video demonstrating how Guided Search works:

Guided Search os now live on the latest versions of Pinterest for Android and iOS.

Custom Categories and Related Pins

Pinterest launched with 32 categories that CEO Ben Silbermann has reportedly stated were largely arbitrary. Since many of the interests of Pinterest users expand beyond these 32 categories, Pinterest has plans to include more narrowly focused categories that they will be rolling out slowly.

Related pins are suggestions of other pins you may be interested in based on your Pinterest activity. Related Pins aren’t new, but it’s not a feature that was widely included on all pins. Now, more than 90% of pins will have Related Pins attached to them.

“We are trying to provide a recommendation on every single object in the world,” said Silbermann.

Pinterest’s acquisition of VisualGraph earlier this year reportedly lead to the influence of all three of the above features.

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    The guided search will be a big help to users as well as businesses! Businesses could definitely take advantage of this and tag their content with relevant keywords so that they will show up in the search results.