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Perplexity Adds Claude-2 To AI Model Selection For Pro Users

Perplexity Pro users can now switch between GPT-4 and Claude-2 for AI-assisted research with web access and file upload capabilities.

  • Perplexity Pro users can switch try GPT-4 or Claude-2 for deeper research capabilities.
  • Claude-2 offers enhanced creative writing for more natural content.
  • While available through other interfaces, Perplexity lets Claude-2 analyze content from the web via Copilot.

Perplexity, an artificial intelligence (AI) research tool, added Claude-2, the latest AI model developed by Anthropic, to its platform.

The announcement is part of Perplexity’s ongoing effort to enhance user experience through increasingly advanced AI capabilities.

Users can choose between Perplexity, GPT-4, and Claude 2 AI models under the Perplexity Pro plan for $20 monthly.

Claude-2 Features Inside Perplexity

Professionals who use AI assistance for summaries will appreciate the ability to upload documents up to 25 MB.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

It’s worth noting that through ChatGPT Plus, similarly priced at $20 monthly, users can upload up to ten files with Advanced Data Analysis (formerly the Code Interpreter plugin).

Screenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

How To Use Claude-2 With Perplexity

Users can choose Claude-2 as the model for their AI-assisted research under their pro settings.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

Once selected, Claude 2 will generate responses to prompts such as the following.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

Each answer includes a flag that allows users to submit feedback about Claude 2 responses to help improve the platform.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

Users can also narrow down sources for Claude-2 to analyze using the Focus feature.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

More Ways To Use Claude-2

In addition to Perplexity, you can find Claude-2 on and Poe.

Claude-2 on Anthropic’s web interface offers limited free access to the model, with paid plans coming soon, possibly starting at $50 monthly.

As shown below, accepts up to five file uploads at 10 MB each for analysis and summaries.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Quora’s Poe also offers the Claude-2-100k model as one of its AI bots with a $20 monthly premium subscription.

Like Perplexity and, Poe allows users to upload multiple files for analysis with Claude-2-100k.

Screenshot from Poe, August 2023

The key feature that separates Perplexity’s service from the others is web access via Copilot, which allows Claude-2 to summarize current information from the web.

Screenshot from Perplexity, August 2023

Conversely, Claude-2 on and Poe only works with user input and limited training data.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Combining Claude-2 With Web Access

By incorporating Claude-2, Perplexity gives users access to one of the top AI models with access to the web for research.

The new model could help marketers and content creators streamline the research process, enabling them to produce higher-quality content faster.

Featured image: Miha Creative/Shutterstock

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Perplexity Adds Claude-2 To AI Model Selection For Pro Users

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