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Oscars Highlights on Yahoo Video, Oscar Dates on Craigslist

Oscars Highlights on Yahoo Video, Oscar Dates on Craigslist

It’s Oscar weekend and Yahoo Video Search has geared up numerous Academy Award videos. Yahoo will also be offering Oscar highlights on Monday morning including acceptance speeches and red carpet interviews.

The Yahoo Video Search team says on the YSearchBlog that “You can search for trailers for Brokeback Mountain, Munich, and Walk the Line as well as tons of other content, like movie trailer mashups.

And if you miss it, we’ll also feature highlights from the evening the day after. It’s another way to take in Hollywood however, and whenever, you want – the best and worst dresses, weepy acceptance speeches, lifetime achievement awards, you name it.“

Speaking of Oscars, someone with tickets to the Academy Awards and in need of a date put this ad up on Craigslist LA, brilliant:

HEY, PLEASE BE MY OSCARS DATE…. Me and my friend have tickets to the Annual OSCAR Awards and we are looking for a couple of girls. However, we are both posting seperately and will hook up at the show.

Both of us are looking for a couple of cuties that loves to have a good time up for seeing Terrance Howard and Brokeback Mountain clean house winning all the awards. I just want to have a great time on I have great seats, so we can see everything. My tickets are right behind the celebs.

Craigslist is known for men to pose as women, so I WILL NOT COMMUNICATE MORE THAN 2 TIMES VIA EMAIL TILL WE TALK ON THE PHONE. Party on!

THE ACADEMY AWARDS ARE MARCH 5, 2006. I want to meet you before so we can get to know each other.

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Oscars Highlights on Yahoo Video, Oscar Dates on Craigslist

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