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Opera Mini Brings Browser to Mobile Phones

Opera Mini Brings Browser to Mobile Phones

The makers of popular web browser application Opera have now officially launched the scaled down version of their mobile browser Opera Mini. This version was already available since sometime and now has been officially announced by the company to enter the first final version. Interestingly, as per statistics, this small application has already seen more than a million downloads.

Opera has developed Opera Mini for Java enabled mobile phones, which are otherwise not capable of using regular browser applications developed for the mobile platform. This enables them to target millions of users of relatively older models of mobile phones. Opera Mini communicates with Opera’s servers to download website where they get a stripped down version customized for smaller screens and low memory devices.

Opera is providing both the application and the server services for free at this time though the users would have to pay for net services to their mobile service providers. Opera is letting the users download Opera Mini in three different ways depending upon the preference of the users. The simplest way is to download the application directly from the website. Second way is by sending a message to a specific number and have the application sent to them via text message. Users can also transfer the application from their computers to their mobile phones.

The company has setup nearly 100 new servers at their end to support these mobile users. Checkout: Opera Mini for Mobile

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist at Search Engine Journal and also the publisher of TechWhack Technology and Software Journal

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Opera Mini Brings Browser to Mobile Phones

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