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ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions And Upgrades Paused With Waitlist

OpenAI has temporarily paused upgrades to ChatGPT Plus due to overwhelming demand, leading to some frustration for those with a free account.

  • OpenAI has paused new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions in the wake of a significant increase in usage.
  • Listings for supposed ChatGPT Plus accounts have appeared on auction sites like eBay.
  • The decision has led to frustration from users stuck with free accounts and developers trying to promote GPTs to new audiences.
ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions And Upgrades Paused With Waitlist

According to a recent post on X by OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, the recent surge in usage following the DevDay developers conference has led to capacity challenges, resulting in the decision to pause ChatGPT Plus signups.

To ensure a high-quality user experience for existing users, ChatGPT Plus subscriptions offering features like the new GPT-4 Turbo and custom GPTs – will be temporarily halted. Interested users can get notifications via a waitlist.

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The demand for ChatGPT Plus is so high that eBay now has listings that supposedly offer one or more months of the premium subscription.


Following the introduction of GPTs, developers and companies have built GPTs for a wide variety of purposes, such as graphic design from Canva.

b2b gpt for graphic design from canvaScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Search marketers already subscribed to ChatGPT Plus can try GPTs for helpful content assessment and learning SEO.

There are also GPTs for analyze Google Search Console data.

And GPTs that will let you chat with analytics data from 20 platforms including Google Ads, GA4, and Facebook.

gpt for ga4 google ads facebook analyticsScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Google search has indexed over 300 public GPTs.

The decision to pause new ChatGPT signups follows a week where OpenAI services – including ChatGPT and the API – experienced a series of outages related to high-demand and DDoS attacks.

Ideally, this means that developers working on building GPTs and using the API should encounter less issues (like being unable to save GPT drafts).

But it could also mean a temporary decrease in new users of GPTs since they are only available to Plus subscribers – including the ones for I tested for learning about ranking factors and gaining insights on E-E-A-T from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

custom gpts for seoScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

It may also result in a lot of frustration for those stuck with free accounts that do not receive priority access to OpenAI services.

chatgpt error message for free accountsScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Featured image: Robert Way/Shutterstock

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ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions And Upgrades Paused With Waitlist

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