Open Letter to Google : Why Have You Taken Away my Google & GMail Accounts?

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UPDATE : Since writing this and contacting some Googlers, my Google account was unblocked at 2 am last night, EST. Thank you Google for the prompt response, although those were some very stressful 15 hours or so.

Google, I am a very lucky American who is living the dream of owning or being a partner in several small businesses. Each of these businesses utilize Google’s GMail and Google Docs, in an effort to cut down on infrastructure costs and keep an open stream of communication between all employees, contractors and clients.

Google GMail Disabled

Since Google has decided to take my account away from me, the nucleus of our company communications has been taken away and now is replaced by a black hole. My small business communications are now ruined until my account is reestablished.

Furthermore, my clients all contact me via email addresses associated with my Google Account. Now, when these clients attempt to contact me, or send over time sensitive documents or reports, these emails are now send to a voided account, and now, since Google has decided to block my Google Account, GMail is now serving this negative message to my clients and business associates :

“Technical details of permanent failure: Account disabled”

Thank you Google, you have shone a most negative light on my business with my clients.

Mobile Google Accounts and Blackberry Synching

Google, you have given me along with many small businesses the means to easily streamline my communications with GMail and Google Accounts, but now you have taken this away with no warning, giving me no time to prepare by downloading my address book or other contact information.

Upon purchasing my Blackberry, I was enthralled to set up my Google Accounts application, which synchs my mobile device with Google Calendar & GMail, alerting me of meetings, calls and opening up my GMail address book to my Blackberry.

The Opening and Closing of Google

Such Google openness led to the ability to manage my business communications on the fly, after or before meetings, on the runway waiting for a plane to take off, or even in the car during heavy traffic. I have been a loyal user and evangelist of Google Accounts and GMail up until this point, now you have taken this away from me and my businesses.

Your Google Docs are marketed with the ability for businesses or individuals to easily collaborate on work and assignments, to work together and share information.

Google Docs

My business bought this philosophy, we were sold on it, but now not only has collaboration been taken away by Google disabling my Google Accounts, but the documents which I did not back up, because of the trust which was established with Google after all of these years.

Google Talk Failure

Furthermore Google, I had fallen for GTalk, the trimmed down and super fast messaging service which almost everyone I know in the business world and in the personal world uses. I use GTalk everyday, for 8 to 12 hours a day, it’s always on, it’s always running. Google has become part of my life. Please give me a lifeline Google, instead of swiping this secure rug from underneath me, my company, my AdSense earnings and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Failure

Now the joke is on me Google. After being an advocate for cloud computing, networked email and open communications, Google has taken this all away from me. My mistake; trusting Google and not backing up everything I had stored in my Gmail account.

GMail Changed The Game

GMail changed the way we read and store email. After years of being loyal to Yahoo Mail or my PC based mail, I made the switch over to GMail. GMail is the most painless way to store and sift through archived files and emails. Now all of my business emails which were stored on Google are gone. But not only my business emails, but the personal mails I have sent over the years including some of the last written correspondences with lost loved ones and dear friends, now gone, and I do not know if temporary or permanently, because Google has not given me this information.

Google, instead of just blocking my Google Account, please give me a reason. Please tell me why. Or give me a warning.

I am now an innocent victim of Google. My business communications just took a massive blow. Luckily, I do backup my documents offline .. but not every conversation, every conversation I have opened up to Google and trusted them to serve relevant advertising to which keeps my GMail free. Instead, what was once free is now taken from me. As are those writings, those memories, those all important directions, reports, invoices and business communications.

Google, dear Google, Why Have You Taken Away my Google & GMail Accounts?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Jeremy Luebke

    Just another example as to why no business should be using any of Google’s free services.

  • Vera

    Did you write directly to them about this? This is very scary, I have my whole life on google…

  • netmeg

    you’re the third person I heard of today who’s had their account disabled.

  • Mihai Secasiu

    I was just a matter of time till something like this happened. But you kind of deserve it. Paid and reliable email hosting really isn’t that expensive, Even a dedicated server isn’t so expensive anymore Running business from a gmail account…what a joke. You could at least use your own domain and switch your MX immediately after they locked your account so you could still use email even if you could not use gmail.

  • Garry Conn

    My God Loren, what the heck happened? I have been using Google for quite a few years now and I can only imagine what the affects would be for me if my account was disabled by Google.

    I really feel terrible about this situation for you and I wish you well with trying to get your accounts recovered. With that said, I also too appreciate that you have shared this experience with us, because it give all of us who reads this a wake up call.

    Reading about this experience is a little nerve racking. Your story about how you used to use Yahoo and eventually made the switch to Google sounds just like me as well as the other million or so people who now use Google.

  • IncrediBILL

    Why in the hell would anyone use a 3rd party email address for business in the first place, Google or otherwise?

    3rd party email is fine for blog posts and such to avoid spam, but for business?

    You learned a hard lesson here, maybe others will learn from your mistake and get a domain name and email they control for their business.

  • WilliamC

    Loren, I have to wonder when an oldtimer uses third party apps for everything. I would have expected you to know better than that.

  • Nick Wilsdon


    This is terrible, you should at least get a reason from Google and way of getting your material out of the system. To lock you out completely is crazy.

    If Google wants businesses to adopt cloud computing and their online services then this is a key issue to address. One of the primal fears of relying on this kind of setup is that you loose control. Stories like this are hardly going to calm those fears.

    My best suggestion, when you do get this returned, is to move to Google Apps. Hopefully that gives you greater protection. The preferable option would be to pay them for the premium services, you would hope then that customer services would be available to you.

    Good luck!

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    @WilliamC It’s not that I use Google for everything, but I do use it for a lot. And from time to time, business contacts will use my Gmail account to mail to, especially press and long term contacts. I know it’s not 100% safe, but GMail is better than most.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Furthermore, it’s not just email. This is also my Google Analytics login and AdSense login. By moving everything into one Google account, it made things easier to manage. And by doing so, easier for Google to disable everything they offer to me.

  • Nick Wilsdon

    The problem with a cloud computing setup is that you have to rely in third party apps that are out of your control.

    The lesson here shouldn’t probably be that it’s not a smart move if you are relying on free apps. There is little consideration towards free account holders – support is terrible to non-existant across a range of well known Web 2.0. apps.

    They see the money coming from the investors rather than the users. Without monetory payment they are not even “customers”.

    I’ve not had to use Google’s support for Apps yet but I would hope it is there. Paying money to them should enter you into a form of contract that offers a greater level of protection.

    This does all suck though Loren. esp. in regard to your Adsense and Analytics accounts too.

  • Eric

    Now will people start realizing that Google doesn’t “Do No Evil”?

  • Patrick Collier

    A similar thing happened to a lot of blogs this summer. After a lot of back and forth, google finally realized that it was a glitch and fixed it. Still, it’s an inconvenience. Hope it turns out that it is just a glitch for you as well.

  • Ted Murphy

    Well, I don’t like google, personally, I think they’re massive hypocrites, and I think their cool beta apps have an irritating inconsistency.

    Yet, I took a good look at my own use of dedicated servers, third party apps, broadband access, etc etc and I realized that the proper response to your post is — I’m sorry, that sucks. I’ve been there and hope never to go back.

  • Scott Woodard

    Very, very scary. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you Loren and I wish you the best of luck getting it resolved.

  • Ginger

    I have a friend that this happened to as well, please let me know if you get this resolved.

  • Simon Heseltine

    Ouch. That’s a few steps past being a PITA. Hope they’re able to sort it out for you.

  • Garry Conn

    Well I have to say that this story is totally getting a lot of attention now and with it happening to someone in this little sector of the blogosphere, it is bound to capture some attention at Google headquarters. Anyone who comments should start backing up their email and Google docs. LOL!!!

  • Mike

    The “Google is Evil” spaz attack thing is sort of a corollary to Godwin’s Law. Say that and you lose. Google is a huge organization with a huge number of services. When something goes wrong it’s for the exact same reason that things go wrong where YOU work: stuff happens.

  • mm3guy

    I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling us.

  • Amit Agarwal

    I hope this gets resolved very soon.

  • Varun

    This sounds like a nightmare to me..

    i will land in a similar soup as i use most google apps for my site .. time to start getting to back to hosted email ?

  • jeff

    Not to sound like a jerk, but you used a free beta service to meet a critical need for your business and are surprised when it stops working? I wouldn’t go so far as to say you deserve it, but you definitely should have planned better. You need to take responsibility for your own failure.

  • Jen

    My Google account was disabled yesterday, too. Despite following every instruction I could find, when I try to sign in to my Gmail, calendar, and blogger account, I’m getting the message “Sorry, your account has been disabled.”

    I have always adhered to Google’s Term of Agreements. When my account was mysteriously disabled, I followed the instructions to sign in and enter the CAPTCHA — but no CAPTCHA letters appear on the screen for me to enter so that I can confirm that I’m not a spammer. As also suggested, I cleared my browser’s cache, cookies, history, etc. I’ve run all anti-virus and spyware programs. I’ve talked to my Internet provider and they say they don’t think my computer has been infected with a virus/spyware or that my account was hacked by a spammer, either.

    So why was my account disabled? And why, despite following all available instructions, is it still disabled? They won’t say.

    Because I trusted Google, I kept all of my critical and important information on Google’s tools and applications. I need to access MY information!

  • Thejesh GN

    Upgrade ur account so you can call their helpline.

  • Narayanan Hariharan

    Hope this gets resolved really soon. I use Google for everything and my position will be very similar to yours 😐

  • Darsh

    I can understand you pain. I am sure someone from Google will read this soon and get in touch with you. Lets hope you get your account back soon.

  • Narayanan Hariharan

    Come to think of it, why don’t you contact Matt Cutts if you haven’t done that already? I’ve noticed that contacting him results in getting solutions much faster!

  • Paul

    why was the account disabled?

    I worked for a very large hosting/email service provider and always got complaints like..”you locked me out of my account” “you disabled my account”….what they hardly ever mentioned was the many reasons and warnings that we gave before we had to resort to these measures.

    Also I agree with many of the other posters…to even be using gmail for business reasons is so bad…get a domain, pay for email service…I cant imagine taking any serious doing business with a gmail account.

  • Will.Spencer

    Google has always had an operational philosophy where “production testing” was considered acceptable.

    Knowing as much about Google as you do, I am surprised that you entrusted them with any of your business-critical data or processes.

  • comunactivo

    This sounds like a nightmare to me.. I ALL my service with google, that can´t be happening.

  • zato

    mm3guy wrote on Oct 19, 2008 at 11:27 p.m.

    I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling us.

    Me too. Your website is http://www.searchenginejournal, so it sounds like you’d be very dependent on Google and yet you trash them publicly. Over an email address. Without even knowing why the account was suspended. Why aren’t you using serchenginejournal for email?
    That tells that someone else is paying for all this.
    Possibly someone who wants to discredit Google. Who could that be?

  • obio

    Simple solution. Get a URL on any webhosting company. Every hosting account comes with a standard POP mailbox. You can use Gmail to check this external mailbox. Gmail does an excellent job of integrating multiple individual popmail accounts into one webmail service.

    The added advantage, is you’ll look *more* professional because you won’t have a “Gmail” address. And if Gmail ever cuts you off, no problem, just check your individual Pop mail accounts, or open another Gmail account and integrate them there. Your “public” addresses will be associated with your individual .com addresses and will never be at risk.

  • Igor The Troll

    Loren sadly but welcome to the machine!

    Now you and many other readers of this blog my come to understand why I have been bitching at Google for years. I have made enemies with Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik to the point that I was labeled a Troll.

    I welcomed this nic and wear it as Red Badge of Courage!

    Google is dangerous and cannot be trusted!
    People who work for Google are not our friends and cannot be trusted!

    Let’s stand up for each other no matter who say what. We make the Internet, not Google nor any other Social Media network!

    Sorry for your lose Loren, but there are loses out there even greater than this. I am sure you understand!

    Your friend Igor

  • Manuel

    It happened to me too, and just last week. After going through Google’s procedure to report it, they reinstated the account. But never explained to me why it was disabled in the first place.

  • Google


  • JohnMu

    Hi Loren, did you initiate the account recovery process at ? We recently blogged about this at — one of the problems could be (and I have no insight into your case, but it’s fairly common) that we recognized someone trying to hack into your account or trying to use your account for unusual things. From what I understand and what I’ve seen (my sister used it recently because she locked herself out), the process is pretty straight-forward and simple, especially if you still have your verification number.

  • Mark Evans


    I ran into this problem a year ago, and only managed to retrieve my accounts after a fellow Canadian working for Google came to my rescue after reading about it on my blog. It does make you realize how much data you have with Google, and the pain involved in losing access.


  • Loren Baker, Editor

    @JohnMu Thanks for the suggestion. After this post was made I ended up emailing some Googlers and the situation ended up taking care of itself. Now, my Google Account is open again.

    It’s been a scary 15 hours or so, as closing me out of my account closed me out of Google Analytics, AdSense, Docs, Talk … etc., not only GMail.

    So, this is not just a “I can’t get into my GMail” issue, it’s the issue of using Google as a central location to access Analytics for mine and my client sites, to access Google Webmaster Tools, to access my personalized search results and bookmarks … so on and so on.

    I’d like to thank all of those who commented on the story, and for those who suggested that I deserved to be locked out of Google because I have a blog about search, that really makes little sense to me.

    I’ve learned some lessons from this experience, which I will be open to share. One is to not rely on one central cloud for my computing needs and always have an exit strategy, the other is to upgrade to Google Apps 🙂

  • JohnMu

    @Loren I’m glad to hear that it got resolved, I’m not glad to hear that you ended up getting direct help instead of being able to get it resolved automatically :-(.

    What steps could we take to make finding that blog post or the recovery process easier and faster?

  • DazzlinDonna

    JohnMu, not sure how to make that blog post more prominent, but it would be nice if the auto-fix process included an auto-generated email to the user giving a reason why the account was disabled in the first place. To just disable it, and then re-enable it, without giving any clue to the user as to what happened is just … well … what’s a good word? Crazy? Rude? Bad business? Whatever… the user should be given a reason. Period.

  • WilliamC

    @JohnMu, It would be a simple matter of Google adding a link to the auto-fix process in the “disabled account” error message.

  • Saad

    Loren, I’m glad that your account is back! Make sure you upgrade to Google Apps…At least that way you can get some support if anything goes wrong again

  • Dejan

    Domain Registration: $10 – Monthly hosting: $20 – Daily backups: 10 minutes… learning a lesson on being too cheap: PRICELESS!

  • YouAreNUTS

    You are nuts. “Upgrade” to another google product? To a company that has seen gmail go down for days at a time (many times)? Upgrade by using Yahoo or Hotmail. After all do you realy want a bunch of 20 yr old kids leaning over from their onsite caviar and massages and flipping a server switch?

  • Martin Ringlein

    You are running your business from a personal account? Is this amateur hour? At the very least, use Google Hosted and the business aspects of Gmail — you’d probably even find a quicker/better response to service inquires as well.

    And what, you don’t share your data with anyone else in your organization? So all data was in your hands only? What happens when the proverbial bus hits you (like your personal gmail account going down)?

    Even if you use a paid service, everyone that uses a service for business knows to keep their our back-ups of data. I know a lot of people that use Google Docs spreadsheets for keeping track of business financial data (for online/collaboration/sharing) but they all back-up the data locally, religiously.

    Don’t blame Google for your own irresponsibility.

  • Doug Heil

    Wow. Just saw this. It’s very troubling that accounts can be shut off without a reason given.

    A post above asked why you would use gmail for business, and I tend to agree with that. The fact is though that google has promoted all the apps FOR Business and claims “use them” please, etc. It’s one thing to give free stuff with little expectations, but quite another to give free stuff and promote all apps for business professionals as well. I’m disappointed. Bad Google.

    That being said; I’ve used gmail for a few years as well, but only as a back up. I use my domain for email directly off my server, but also cc my gmail account… and have others do so as well as simply an extra backup for the times I may not have access to my domain email account. That being said; this is troubling for sure. I guess the one good thing about this Loren is the fact it happened on a weekend. 🙂 I don’t think you will be using a free email account for business again…at least not your main account.

  • Jeremy

    This blows. Like you, I”ve migrated to more and more of Google stuff. These guys can freakin’ own us more than MSFT ever did.

    Forwarding to my friend at GOOG

  • Andy Puckett

    Loren, I can imagine your worry. I actually believe that Google Apps is a good entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses just getting started. I too use a combo of Gmail and Google Apps.

    Here’s some tips from Lifehacker to backup Gmail/Apps Data:

  • Ryan Spahn

    Same thing happened to me, as I lost a Gmail account too.

    I have new one and now have everything is forwarded multiple times, so email is never lost.

    Now they need to allow forwarding of Google Docs to other providers like Zoho; Google docs needs a redundancy option; forwarding may be just that!

  • Mark Ghosh

    Just a suggestion: If you have recovered access to your accounts, the post should be updated to reflect the change in status.

  • sudhakar mishra

    u shouls consider my gmail,

  • Amit Nyamtabad

    Hi Loren,
    I am very happy that you finally got your account back, so can you please share with us what exactly caused the account to blocked ? was it a hacking attempt at your account ?

  • John

    Hi Loren!
    Please, make this post more worthwhile and right about what happened and why and how you got your account(s) back.

    Any lessons learned how one can protect your google accounts?

    We all can appreciate from this.
    Please, share.


  • Kevin

    This is really weird… I dont expect such things from Google. I always use professional email account for business rather than using such free stuff which will create trouble any time. This is a lesson for everyone to have backup plan for critical emails as well as data/contacts rather than trusting blindly on free service…
    It would be good if Google would have provided valid reason for termination of your account.

  • Itoldyaso

    Google IS Evil – when will people finally realize this?

  • Igor The Troll

    Yes Google is Evil. This is so Google in the way they have done it before in deindexing Website.

    Imagine if this was to happen to some0one who is not as prominent as Loren from SEJ, you would be waiting for months if not years to get your account back.

    Because it did happen to Loren, John Mu the Googler came around calling with open hands.

    And I am very sorry nothing is free! We are all Google customers if we use a free service or not. These “free services” are being monetarized by Google with Adsense, that makes it a paid product.

    Google is very Evil. Wait till Google controls all data and governments have microchips implanted in humans!

    Nothing is Free!

  • Jaan Kanellis

    “Just another example as to why no business should be using any of Google’s free services.”


  • ThungurKnifur

    You base your business on messing with Google’s brain, run your business on free Google tools, and when they find out about you, you whine like a little girl.

    There, there…
    Hush little girl…

    I’m sure they’ll let you have your job at McDonalds back!

  • jay

    How did you get your email back? What was the process?

  • Annelies Gijbels

    What the hell, I did not know they were doing such things. So did they tell you why they disabled your account? And they just reinstated your account? Without letting you know anything. I am having some thoughts about Google’s policies.

    It’s starting to sound a bit like “Big Brother is Watching You”. Google decides who gets allowed to the club, who does not. Without even the courtesy of telling you what you did wrong…

  • Amit Patel

    Good to see that its enabled back again, but its very scary if something like this happens. Google should take more details from their users like confirm with their mobile phone numbers, landline numbers and make sure these users are never disabled by mistake

  • Kaushik

    My account got disabled on October 22, 2008 midnight. Not sure why they did that. I have sent them repeated emails as to what is the problem, but no one responds. At least someone in this group got his/her a/c restored. So at least that is a positive sign!

  • Anique Akhtar

    It has been about 3 months and google have not unblocked my account yet….Google disabled my account for no apparent reason….

    actually i am able to use my google account i am not just able to Log into my blogger account using the google account…it says your account have been disabled and there is no way i can contact blogger,,,, i have tried everything and i am still not able to contact blogger to get my account unblocked again…
    my blogs are still there one of them is this :

    but i am not able to update the blog as my account is disabled…
    so how can i get my account unblocked ?!?

    Please someone help me out….I really need my blogs back…
    when google blocked my account i stopped blogging and it has been 3 months that i have stopped blogging…i am not even reading any blogs anymore…It’s like a major part of my life has been stolen from me… 🙁

  • Peter Jacobs

    Dear Sir / Madam
    My Gmail has been block by Google and i would it to be restore. Your help will be appreciated. you may sent my password to
    Thanking you
    P jacobs

  • Peter Jacobs

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I would like to use my Gmail address ( your help would be appreciated if it can be restore for me Please.
    Thank you
    P jacobs

  • Steve

    My gmail account has been blocked for the past month. It just happened one day for no reason. I’m furious!!!! It’s really messed me up.

    The worst thing is they wont respond to my messages.

    I’ve given up and wont use a google service ever again.


  • googleadsense

    I just happened across this site, I was looking for something else. I just had the same thing happen two weeks ago. I contacted google and they told me that all I had to do was go to a certain page and reset my password, didn’t work. I have contacted them over and over and two weeks later, still no answer. You do not know how happy I am that I only used the account for play and not my business.

  • Mark

    Ok, I understand the frustration something like this causes but what I do not understand is this. Why on earth you run your own business and not use an email from your domain? As far I know email accounts come with even shared hosting including with your hosting package.

    You have the domain use an email from it. Is the proper thing to do and helps with your business when you contact your clients.

    Personal email accounts maybe useful for private use, but when I receive an email from a professional, who talks about his site I always compare the email account with the domain in question. Is far easier to trust someone who has an email from his given domain than from a personal one.

    Google, Yahoo and all other providers of email services may suspend accounts any time they want and no reason or explanation has to be given. It’s their service and as you understand they reserve every right about it. So for business purposes use your domain based emails. Blaming the email providers for this is plain wrong as far I am concerned.

  • websites

    Only a matter of time for this

  • Ajay

    I pay google for additional storage (for photographs) and find that my account has been disabled. I use my account only to store (and mail) my photos.

    No response to mails either..first company I have come across who won’t respond to paying customers.

    really annoying.

  • Kenneth Hutchens

    I thought that I had a gmail account set up, but I forgot my password and had to redo it and then I thought that it would work, but I can not get to the in box and have tried all that I know to do, I thought that I finally had every thing set, but I can only get on my computer at certain times since I am close to Mexico and my Verizon Wireless was picking up a tower in Mexico and Verizon wanted to make me pay roaming charges so I told them that I woul quit using the Wireless until I leave Del Rio, TX on the 7th of March, so I can only get on here when the Marina is open. They are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday so I can only get on here during the other days and then some times it is being used by other people so I might not get on here for a few days. Can you help me? My son has gmail and wants to chat but so far I have not been able to get it set up.
    Thanks Ken

  • KC

    All of a sudden yesterday I couldn’t get access to my Gmail account. I have been a user for years and have never had issues. At some point yesterday evening I tried logging in as usual and got a prompt saying ‘the username or password you entered is incorrect’. WTF????!!!! I was logged in earlier in the day and everything was fine. Now I’m completely stuck! I’ve filled out every online form I can as we all know that Google doesn’t offer phone support. This is so so frustrating as I really need my account. I will lose so much info if I have to start over. I don’t understand why I can’t get account access. This is so unfair.

  • saravanan

    i have a account on gmail by today onwards i cannot access my account and i received a message the url is blocked

  • ruby

    my gmail account is disabled can any one help me.i tried account recovery process but it may not user id is “”
    plz help me………….

  • Max

    “Mihai Secasiu on Oct 19, 2008 at 3:15 pm:

    I was just a matter of time till something like this happened. But you kind of deserve it. Paid and reliable email hosting really isn’t that expensive, Even a dedicated server isn’t so expensive anymore Running business from a gmail account…what a joke. You could at least use your own domain and switch your MX immediately after they locked your account so you could still use email even if you could not use gmail.”

    Are you kidding me? So everyone with a paid M$ Outlook mail client has had no problems? Pa-LEEZE… In this day-in-age, the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply. Open Office and countless other apps built over the last 2-3 years have proved that.

  • Liz

    Google have ignored several messages. Used for x 7 . Disabled accounht. No reason given. Have written twice to their legal department. It’s very upsetting knowing any guy from Google can just rifle through your private emails. Google are now officially the bad guys. Use, as search engines, Google has gone power crazy, now taking over Twitter. Seems they are hell bent on gagging and controlling people. I’ll post a reply IF I’M WRONG, but seems to me like Google is taking over the whole world of information and it’s up to us to move away from Google monopoly and oppression. Yahooo!

  • Turtle-Dove

    This happened to me, but it was resolved. My account wasn’t taken away, per say, it was stolen. It took me 3 weeks to resolve. I would happily pay for a Google account if I could get customer service. Now, if something goes wrong it’s a black hole.

  • Bung

    Same thing happened today with me my blog,orkut account,all gone.The people at google don’t even bother to give you a reason.Dont know what to do.*–

  • Ravikumar

    hi all,
    good news.. my gmail account has been enabled by the google team.
    last thursday, i.e 07/05/09, my gmail account has been disabled. i have sent the open letter to google team giving all the information like, when i opened the gmail account, what all they have asked. i gave correct information, after that they have re-enabled my account. now i am able to access my old 10000 mails.

    please any of your’s gmail account has been disabled, send a filled security form to google team with all the information correctly. They will sure re-enable your account.


  • Ananta

    My account is disabled and there is no reason given, I have selected to delete orkut account, i don’t know if its bug which deleted /disabled my account. I have tons of emails in that inbox.

    I hate google, there is no security/ independence from google, i feel like slave


  • Bob Franky

    Too be honest – I’m a bigger fan of Dogpile than Google. They support charitable causes and work with all independent search providers to give a good mix of results.

    People are too lazy when it comes to search and want it all to be laid out for them in one engine. Problem is, Google, MSN and Yahoo all pick what shows up where.

    Research is meant to be RESEARCH – so look around for solid results.

    BTW – just launched a new site called – and their donating a portion of there revenue to Petfinder and the ASPCA.

    Great that theres a way we can help dog adoption programs at no cost.

  • Steph

    Does anyone know an actual person that works for google whom I may get in contact with. Someone hacked my google account and deleted my YouTube account along with my gmail. I cant log into my Youtube because it said I have to get the password from my gmail. Please help, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me.

  • Steph

    email at

  • Diseñador

    Great stuff! thanks for sharing

  • Dave

    I got into gmail because some one I was going to dicuss a job with wanted to converse there. After trying to signup, I found that it would not accept the password when I try to sign in the second time. Then when I went to the path of locating my password, I was directed to enter the user name wich I did, then it said to type the characters I saw in the picture. There were no letters. So now I can not get out of gmail. The biggest problem is that I am using Craigslist to search for work and when you find somethiong you want to send a resume to, you will find that you can not do it because the instant you click on their address you are sent back to Gmail. So you can not apply for any work. Is this mpore of the damn “CHANGE”?

  • Yoginder Sikand

    my gmail account suddenly has been rendered unoperational…it simply says ‘sorry, your account has bee disabled’-….can any one be so kind as to let me know what I should do?

  • Reviews

    This is so so frustrating as I really need my account.I cant log into my You tube because it said I have to get the password from my gmail.

  • shiva

    its more than six days my gmail account is disabled without . kindly do the needful
    user name:

  • Anup

    Google Apps are a great way of doing business! Even with six sigma (99.9997% accuracy), there will be a remote possibility of errors.

    I do feel though that it is better to build redundancies specially when we are talking of critical information.

  • Website. designer in faridabad

    Thanks a lot …. this will really be very helpful and the matter of the fact is the whole content fall so smoothly at place …. make it very readable …. appreciate the effort.



  • Byron Griffin

    This needs to be rectified soon. My account has my educational materials. There has been either a “jacking” or there is a serious issue with the Gmail servers.

    I can prove the account is my own without difficulty. Also, my spouse is active US Navy and our correspondence depends heavily upon the Gmail account I have. I want my account back Google.

  • Alice Nerenstone

    Dear Goggle,
    I just came back from vacation and now I can’t get into my gmail account. Usually it goes right to my gmail when I log in. Now it goes to the Goggle home page and asks for my user name and password. Then it won’t accept them. I have used alstone28 and the password. for some time now. Help!!!!

  • Alice Nerenstone

    Goggle, Now you won’t accept my comment that I submitted! What’s up??? I am set up to go directly to my gmail account. I even have it under favorites. Nothing works. Instead I go to the Goggle home page which asks for my User name which is alstone28 and for my password. It won’t accept either of them. I need to get into my email for I just came back from vacation and have lots of them. Alice Nerenstone

  • Bob Wright

    I can’t get into my gmail account , why ?

  • Bob Wright

    Why can’t I get into my gmail account ?

  • Beno John

    It happened to me as well. Simple solution, do not use free web mails for official purspose.

  • ichabod

    you use free email for business?
    what are you , crazy? ( only a question not an attack)

    gee, you can buy professional real email server time for $8 year.
    you cant afford real email. Are you kidding?


    worse you complain about something that is free.
    ever heard Gift horse in the mouth.?

    tell me how did that change in the last 1000 years.

    tell me.?
    tell us all. Tell Gerry Springer. or Jerry Rivers.

  • tim randalls

    First me and my wife lost our personel google page it started going to the google home page instead and when i tried to go to support all i got wascan not acces this page but i still had my gmail account then a couple of days later we lost acces to gmail to does anyone know what is going on with google? I talked to someone at one of there offices and he had know clue what was going on and could not tell me anything except go to the support page witch i cant acces. I am so agrivated even though i have opened a yahoo account i am missing alot because i am out of work and used that email account for contact for employment.

  • Marie

    I’m with you guys just found out after trying for 2 hours and I can not get into my acc. I give up = (

  • Marc

    I talked to someone at one of there offices and he had know clue what was going on and could not tell me anything except go to the support page witch i cant acces.


    you use free email for business?
    what are you , crazy? ( only a question not an attack)

  • Carolyn Doyle

    I already have an account but when I give my security aswer it will not except it! I know that it is the right nswer,why wll it not except what I have put in to it? this is very frustrating and I am getting very discouraged.

  • Sherri Irvin

    I have multiple Gmail accounts and need to delete all but one of them. How?

  • Pissed Off

    Arrogance of Google has outgrown one exhibited by Microsoft. I am stepping away from Google altogether. No mail, no chat, no GA, nothing. F!@#$%g Nazis.

  • Micheal

    So what IS the contact email or how do you people seem to get hold of gmail tea, thats NOT just a FAQ or recomendation of what is wrong. I want a real person to email but they have it well rigged that its difficult to email them! I started an account for my business, then closed it after i found i could just set up a 2 addresses for one account, then after finding i actually couldnt, id already closed the first. I have business cards with the address, so i NEED it back, but seems even though that account is ‘dead’ and removed, its not available to sign up with again!!! What is going on there!!! any ideas??

  • Lsj

    My account was suddenly disabled by Google at the end of October. No explanation and no reply when I contact Google. 20days and counting. If you know any way I can get the account re-enabled, pls let me know.

    It’s unbelievable they want us to store docs and things with them but they have the power to zap all access on a whim. At least give users notice!

  • zzzz

    People will never learn… Sure, cloud is cool, BUT always have a local backup. I do have GMail account, as well as mail provided by Google on my domain. I can not imagine not operating e-mail through my ,ail client )Opera M2 in my case). Google can cut me off flr whatever ‘reason’, I will still have all of my mail as well as contacts etc. Then, just say FU to Google, establish an account with a orivuder with better customer service, and inform your contacts…

    Little info – I am not sure why they might have blocked you account sir, but sometimes they do so after sending a large amount of messages in a short period of time – I’ve learned that while trying to send a standard message to large number of contacts… Well, there are specialised services for that.

  • joe

    was gpoing through my mail today on gmail and suddenly i get this disabled google account. I have lost all communication, as I keep all addresses andimportant emails there. If they’re not reliable, why dont they just close. For sure i will use something an email software from now on, and save from time to time

  • Jeannine

    Imagine an adept company like Google, –a company of the most brilliant technical talent on earth– today accusing me, a grandmother of violating GMail terms. My violation? I forgot my password!
    So I cant access my account because they wont let me reset my password. What a circular bit of insanity. I only used Gmail once, and that was from my Blackberry. Is using Blackberry a violation of Gmail terms.
    My only other violation?…. Was it faithfully using google for years since its “invention” and trusting them to have a good product?.
    I am so sorry I was so faithful to Google. Now I see them in a different light.
    I suppose many of us will start trying a new search engine after being treated like the posters on this site.
    Sad. We really had learned to expect good things from Google products.

  • Amanda Smith

    Good evening, I am hoping that someone can help me understand this: Google for some reason, out of the blue, disabled my account, and now my blog is gone. Is it gone for good? I am the owner of a newspaper and had many items of news both National and Statewide (Wyoming) news on my blog. Why would google have done this? And, is there hope that my blog can be salvaged? Thanks in advance. Amanda Smith

    • Annie


      Can you see your blog at all? Have a friend check it. Did you try changing your password? Google did the same thing to me this morning, but I could still see my blog, but not update it. I finally changed my Google password and got everything back, then I backed up my blog and switched to

  • Annie

    This morning I went to update my blog and found all my Google apps disabled for that addy. After much frustration I went to IE and checked the Email addy again, this time it told me the password had been compromised and all I had to do was change it. What the heck is going on with Google?

  • Ben Bartel

    The same thing has happened to me…my Youtube got cancelled for no apparent reason, with no warning or emails from YouTube(as we all know now is Google)

    and there seems to be no way to contact anyone for help.
    I had very important videos on that account, and I'd really like to get them back

    how did YOU get your account restored? WHO did you contact. can you email me, because I would LOVE your help, as it sounds like you know the way to get it resolved.

    p.s. I started my Youtube with a hotmail email address…and now when I try and unblock the account, it says please log in with the Gmail email linked to the account…


    any input would be great

  • Smallbizowner

    Here is a novel idea: host your own email, use (free) for documents editing. If you don't have it, you don't control it. After reading this article, I backed up everything and got rid of google apps for business. Feels awesome.

  • cynthiabarths

    iv joined the queue of those to be disappointed by gmail. imy account has been disabled for reasons i do not know. all efforts to enable it through google is abortive. i need to access my account as i have important infos on in my box. please wats the way out

  • cynthiabarths

    iv joined the queue of those to be disappointed by gmail. imy account has been disabled for reasons i do not know. all efforts to enable it through google is abortive. i need to access my account as i have important infos on in my box. please wats the way out