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Obama White House Announces Internet Team

The Obama administration has revolutionized the way the White House, and political campaigns for that manner, use the Internet and social media as an open communications device between the Executive branch and the citizens of the United States. The White House has already launched its Weekly Video Address with President Obama and, which will track stimulus spending; and now has officially named its Internet team with ex-Google executives and members of the Obama campaign staff.

CNet reports that Macon Phillips has been named the official Director of New Media for the White House; “Phillips served in the same role for the Obama transition team and was responsible for developing its Web site and overseeing its online communications.”

Cammie Croft was named Deputy Director of New Media, Croft was the new media manager for the Obama campaign and spearheaded the project.

The big search influenced member of the White House Internet staff is ex-Googler Katie Stanton who is the nation’s Director of Citizen Participation. We covered her hiring here on Search Engine Journal. Stanton helped oversee OpenSocial while at Google and was also a product manager for Google Finance and Google News.

Jesse Lee has been named as the White House’s Online Programs Director, Jesse was also part of the Obama transition team and served as a new media adviser under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Obama White House Announces Internet Team

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