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Obama Weekly Video Address Powered by Google & YouTube

The White House’s website, now redesigned into a more social media friendly blogging platform at 12 noon on January 20th, the day of the Obama Inauguration, is now featuring President Obama’s weekly video addresses.

The socially interactive Weekly Video Address is a large change from previous administrations who would turn to the old media of the radio on a regular basis to state their case, and only turn to video in times of need on television. Furthermore, the Obama White House will be sometimes listening and responding to incoming questions, concerns and comments from the American people, via video.

Weekly Video Address on a YouTube Player

When viewing the Weekly Video Address I noticed immediately that although the video player was not branded as being a YouTube player, it is a white label version of the YouTube player used for these addresses.

The White House Video Address player also offers Closed Captioning and High Quality video, while allowing for download of the video itself in .mp4 format and downloading of the transcript.

Obama Weekly Video Address

A quick click on the video takes the user to its home at YouTube, where the first Obama Weekly Video Address has received almost 800,000 views so far, Rated by viewers 3,574 times and has received 5,169 comments. The video is hosted on YouTube at the White House YouTube Channel, where users can subscriber to the video.

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Obama Weekly Video Address Powered by Google & YouTube

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