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NuSearch Offers Java Enhanced Search Engine

NuSearch Offers Java Enhanced Search Engine

Once you perform a search on NuSearch, you’ll see that there is a slight difference with other search engines. NuSearch utilises a Java (TM) Applet which is embedded in the web page which users do have to opt-in to download. NuSearch kind of reminded me of a mix between a search engine and eTour, the ability to preview web sites or use them without actually having to leave the web tool to visit them.

NuSearch results are all listed on the left side of the results page while the web sites themselves are in a Java powered window on the right side of the browser. In the background, your browser has started downloading the first few target pages in your results list. Once each one is loaded, its entry in the list changes color and also gives you an indication of the size of the page.

The first page to be ranked is immediately previewed in the main area of the browser window. This means you get to see the page your searched for without having to go to it. Once other pages are downloaded into the list, you can preview those too, simply by moving your mouse pointer over the list. The currently previewed item is highlighted.

NuSearch does offer some other cool features, like automatically sizes itself depending on the size of your browser window, an IE browser enhancing toolbar and an “Add UR”L function where users can submit their pages and have them indexed in realtime.

What else marks out NuSearch as revolutionary? According to Giles Chanot, Chief Software Architect at NuSearch “Well, that Applet that sits in the web page is really the key to the whole show. Every time you perform a search and it downloads some web pages, it compares these with the copies on the NuSearch server. If they’re new or have been updated, this information is sent back to the server (in a highly compressed form). This enables NuSearch to keep its index much more up to date than would otherwise be possible: the more people use NuSearch, the better it gets.”

At first glance the NuSearch rank indexing may need some help, but I think its a decent search tool with an interesting technology – best used with Broadband Internet Connections.

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NuSearch Offers Java Enhanced Search Engine

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