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Push Notifications: Re-Engaging Users in 2022

When done right, push notifications can help you reach and convert more users. Learn best practices for using it on your own website.

This post was sponsored by Notix. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Push notifications are one of the most effective channels to re-engage users.

But how can you best use push notifications when you’re in the business of promoting for advertisers?

What follows are top tips and best practices for using push notifications to reach your audience.

Why You Should Use Push Notifications

Their system-notification look, message urgency, and limited screen-life make push notifications a valuable asset.

Websites already use push notifications as a way to re-engage and monetize their audiences. Many of them confirm that this format shows amazing results – +6 million users in 1 month, +30% overall business result, or 10% of all traffic from returning users.

Push notifications have a more personal approach and instant call to action. These on-screen messages show a better conversion rate (90%) as they appear straight on the users’ desktop or mobile devices.

How push notifications look on various devices

Screenshot from Notix.co, main page, October 2021

When To Re-Engage Users With Push Notifications To Increase Your Traffic & Revenue

1. You Need More Website Visitors To Return To Your Website

This is a big wake-up call that it’s time to re-engage the users who no longer visit your website. No matter if they stopped returning because you didn’t know how to reach them, or the push notification provider didn’t work properly.

For example, Golden Communications SRL, an Italian publisher, was losing a large share of traffic. That’s when they decided to use push notifications.

The result was a substantially increased number of returning users, up to 10% of his entire traffic. And now they’re also successfully monetizing the returning users’.

Here are some of the push notifications they implemented:

Screenshot from Notix.co, pricing,  October 2021

You can read the case in more detail here.

Increasing your subscriber list and having a good repeat customer rate will help you boost overall revenue and keep a steady traffic flow.

2. You Need To Boost Your New Traffic

Push notifications can help you prove your website’s value and quality, increasing your traffic volumes. Moreover, they won’t hurt your UX.

Effectively using these messages can bring back the traffic that was already interested in your content. They will help you increase your pageviews, while at the same time spending more time on your website.

The Mallu Group, which is focused on social gaming and all family quizzes, used push notifications to increase their website’s user directory through a non-invasive format.

Since push notifications don’t take extra space on the website, they don’t stop users from happily navigating on the website – improving their experience from the point of view of the added awareness.

In addition, the fact that they appear as system notifications (even when the user is not on the website) also contributed to the overall success of the campaign, and to the UX.

The notifications were such a success that the Mallu website went from 200,000 subscribers to 6 million, in just 1 month.

Unbelievable right?

And all they did was re-engage their old-inactive users, effectively reach new ones, and start monetizing the traffic with new (advertiser) offers with push notifications.

This also boosted overall business return by 30%.

If you’re curious to read more about this case, you can read about it here.

Push notifications are a Google Cloud Messaging (FCM) technology that can help improve the image of your website.

Aside from being an official Google technology, they blend with your website content and design by appearing as important alerts, not affecting UX.

3. You Need To Increase Your Ad Views

When you are monetizing your website you need to find the best methods to close the month as a winner – push notifications can help.

Push notifications can help you increase your pageviews, which translates into more ad views.

Using a verified service, or even testing it in parallel with another push notification provider, can significantly improve your ad view success rate.

And because push notifications don’t take up any extra space on your website, you won’t have to replace any of your content or ad inventory.

4. You Want To Monetize Your Website

Why lose inactive users, when you can monetize them?

When you have an active and stable (new or re-engaged) user flow you should consider website monetization. In fact, there are a variety of website monetization packages that ensure your users are targeted with customized push alerts.

Your website traffic will start receiving push messages, optimized specifically for their interest, with third-party offers from advertising networks. So, there’s no problem if you don’t know where to find offers to promote for your users. You can just let the experts take care of that.

Gandul Network, a popular Romanian publisher, is proof that push notification monetization is effective. This audience leader decided to use push notifications to further increase their revenue.

In the initial phase, they limited to testing and collecting push notifications’ delivery data for analysis. As the results met their expectations, they started sending branded push content. This helped them increase user’s interest and engagement with their websites’ content.

As their efforts were delivering good results, they successfully turned push notifications into a revenue stream. Moreover, the publisher also managed to increase their ROI since they were using a service that didn’t charge for the push notifications delivery.

You can read the entire article about Gandul Network here.

How Can You Bring Users Back To The Website?

Some of the most popular and tested solutions that marketers and businesses use to reconnect with their customers include:

  • Running a special script to collect push notifications subscribers.
  • Maintaining a steady traffic flow.
  • Reaffirming the website’s reputation.
  • Ensuring an effective UX.

Let’s dive into the best ways publishers use push notifications. Read more about the benefits of push notifications for webmasters.

Tips To Effectively Re-Engage Your Traffic

To bring users back to your website, you need to start with a solid content plan.

The content that you publish and send via push also needs to be scalable and high-quality.

Here are the most versatile tips for getting your audience back:

  • Only send unique push messages: This is a simple, yet challenging task. Repeating the same message twice will only push your users to unsubscribe, and not increase the CTR as you might think.
  • Always make sure to send push notifications on time: No one wants to receive notifications to join events that already took place. You can best schedule your messages via the TTL setting.
  • Brand your content by using logos and descriptive images: It will help you increase your CTR and brand awareness.
  • Don’t overdo it with push notifications: Even if you’re running a news website, your users probably don’t want to receive thousands of alerts per day.
  • Make sure to segment your audiences and target them only with relevant content: This will also help you limit the number of notifications you send to every user.

An effective traffic re-engagement service can help you collect and organize your users based on specific website needs such as interests, demographics, or path along the sales funnel. More serious ones let you target them by their inactivity.

Working with a good push notification service you can also migrate your database from your previous provider, and collect new users, at the same time.

Some providers even let you reconnect with lost users by turning your RSS feed into push notifications, and automating message delivery to RSS subscribers. This way you don’t need to manually create new messages when you make any changes.

But a really good service offers all these features.

Re-Engagement Opens The Way For Monetization

Now that you have a bigger user database, it would be a shame not to monetize your website.

As we previously saw, monetization through push notification means targeting your website users with various offers. And you don’t need to be an expert to effectively do it, because there are push notification services that also provide special packages.

Push notification is a service that can satisfy many needs. Profit is at the top of the list – whether you’re just re-engaging your users or saving on your expenses with an affordable service.

Monetizing through push notification gives you control over the ads. You can choose the verticals or ad categories, as well as the ad frequency.

The only thing left is for users to re-engage with the ads – and you start cashing in the commission.

Before you can start monetizing your website make sure to find a reliable partner that will analyze your traffic volumes and characteristics – and tell you if your website is ready for monetization or not.

Working with a serious provider also means that you will only get verified ads from good advertisers, keeping your website safe from risks.

Choosing The Best Push Notifications Provider [Checklist]

Who doesn’t love receiving extra benefits? Especially when they’re included with the subscription.

However, some features are much more important than others.

Make sure you look for the added value any feature can potentially bring for your user loyalty and monetization strategies.

Here are some of the best features and services that can help publishers improve their re-engagement and monetization efforts.

  • Actual performance boost: message deliverability of at least 90% and a user push subscription rate that can justify taking on an additional service.
  • The option to track deliveries not only by the click and impressions but also by the URL for maximum accuracy when it comes to campaigns and test results. Tracking deliveries this way is useful when you upload images through their URL. It will allow you to check how many times those URLs were triggered. And knowing that will give you an idea of their deliverability.
  • On-demand integrations with additional services, aside from turning the RSS feed into push notifications.
  • Assistance from account managers who are willing to help even when it comes to custom changes or code.
  • The possibility to automate push notifications.
  • Easy to use software that won’t have you looking at instructions every time you need to send a push.
  • Assistance in creating a push notifications marketing strategy that will work for your website.
  • Push notifications technology that doesn’t harm your website or the UX.

What’s Next?

Get the full picture of what a reliable push notifications service can do for your website by joining Notix now.

You’ll discover all the ways to reach your customers – from user engagement to improving your revenue and maintaining a healthy UX.

Featured Image: Image by Notix. Used with permission.

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Push Notifications: Re-Engaging Users in 2022

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