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New Microsoft Tool Aims To Help You Maximize Ad Earnings

Microsoft launches a new analytics dashboard to help publishers easily track and optimize advertising revenue streams.

  • Microsoft launched analytics tool Monetize Insights for publishers.
  • It aims to simplify monitoring and optimizing ad revenue.
  • Key features are total revenue tracking and revealing bid rejection impacts.
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Microsoft Advertising has announced the launch of Monetize Insights, a new analytics dashboard aimed at helping publishers monitor and optimize their advertising revenue streams more efficiently.

The dashboard is now available globally within Microsoft’s supply-side platform, Monetize.

Monetize Insights Features

Monetize Insights provides publishers with visual graphs and comparison charts for a quick, holistic view of their performance.

The dashboard allows you to filter data and drill down into specifics around revenue drivers, inventory metrics, and significant changes over time. This lets you quickly identify issues, trends, and opportunities to maximize yield.

“User-friendly data analytics can help publishers identify issues sooner, diagnose issues faster, and ensure revenue is not left on the table,” said Christopher Walmsley, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. “With Monetize Insights, publishers can easily monitor key monetization metrics and efficiently dive into the details of revenue drivers.”

Two key features of the new dashboard are the Total Revenue and Bid Rejection tabs. The Total Revenue tab simplifies business performance tracking across channels, buyers, and brands. You can view trends in revenue, impressions, ad requests, fill rates, and more.

The Bid Rejection tabs provide transparency into blocks impacting revenue, such as ad quality settings, price floors, and demand issues. This helps you understand the monetary effect of your inventory settings and potentially adjust to unblock significant revenue.

Monetize Insights Benefits

Microsoft designed Monetize Insights to streamline publishers’ workflows. The guided navigation and configurable metrics aim to save you time configuring dashboards or running manual reporting.

The analytics dashboard is now live for all Monetize platform users globally.

Publishers interested in leveraging the new tool can sign into their Monetize accounts and activate Monetize Insights.

How This Can Help You

As a publisher, having clear visibility into your advertising performance data is essential for making smart optimization decisions.

With the launch of Monetize Insights, Microsoft Advertising is aiming to provide you with an efficient analytics hub to monitor and understand what’s driving your revenue.

If you’re looking to identify issues faster, reveal opportunities, and save time analyzing granular reports, this new dashboard may be worth exploring.

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New Microsoft Tool Aims To Help You Maximize Ad Earnings

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