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New Kosmix Topical Search & Social Networking Project Focuses on Health & Medical Information

New Kosmix Topical Search & Social Networking Project Focuses on Health & Medical Information

Kosmix, the topical and categorical search engine, is powering the search application on, the health and medical website that marries expert health content and resources with social networking. The end result is comprehensive and up-to-date information on millions of medical conditions and treatments using Kosmix search.

Here’s an example of a Kosmix search for Anemia. Kosmix searches blogs, forums, advanced content & reading, and offers personalized suggestions and relevant topics. results are similar, try this search for Diabetes.

With Kosmix’s propriety web content categorization engine, can return consumers’ search results in an easy to understand user interface. Rather than looking to general search engines for health information and having to sift through lists of unrelated links, people can use to get the best and most targeted content for their queries, both from the general Web as well as additional site-specific health resources, such as the latest clinical trials, papers and articles.

Kosmix’s hopes to “eases the burden of research by doing the heavy lifting for consumers” via its content grouping technology, which has in development for three years. combs through billions of Web pages and structured data points to aggregate, categorize, and return the most targeted content to users.

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