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New Google Search Console Insights For Content Creators

A new experience from Google, called Search Console Insights, provides data to help site owners improve their content.

Google Search Console Insights, a new experience tailored for content creators and publishers, is now being tested with select users.

Search Console Insights gives content creators access to new data that goes above and beyond what’s available in the regular version of Search Console.

Site owners can use the data to better understand how their content is resonating with users.

The data can then assist site owners with making more informed decisions when it comes to improving content.

On a new landing page, Google provides the following description of Search Console Insights:

“Search Console Insights is a new experience tailored for content creators and publishers and can help them understand how audiences discover their site’s content and what resonates with their audiences. This new experience is powered by data from both Search Console and Google Analytics.”

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How Search Console Insights Can Help

With the data available in Search Console Insights, content creators and publishers will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are your best performing pieces of content?
  • How are your new pieces of content performing?
  • How do people discover your content across the web?
  • What are your site’s top and trending queries on Google Search?
  • What other sites and articles link to your site’s content and did you get any new links?

The number of site owners who can access Search Console Insights is rather limited at the moment.

Google’s new tool is currently being tested in a closed beta with a select group of sites.

Site owners have already been notified if they’ve been selected to take part in the beta test.

That means there’s no way to sign up for the beta unless you were already chosen by Google.

Google says it hopes to open the beta test to more users in the future, as well as expand the number of sites each user can add to Search Console Insights.

Those who have been invited to the beta test will receive an onboarding email with more information.

If you’ve opted not to receive emails from Google you can check whether your site is part of the closed beta by accessing the “Search Console in search results” feature.

To access that feature just search on Google for a query that your site ranks for.

You will then see a Google-powered result at the top of the page titled “Search performance for this query” at the top.

That result will contain an entry point to Search Console Insights, which you can see an example of below.

Beta testers are encouraged to share feedback that can help improve future versions of Search Console Insights.

Source: Google



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New Google Search Console Insights For Content Creators

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