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New Google Reranking and Other Search Engine Patents

Search Engine Related Patents

A Selection of Recently Awarded Search-Related Patents & Recently Published Search-Related Patent Applications
Google is awarded another U.S. Patent. New patents for IBM, NEC, and CNET are also included.
Special thanks to Gary Price at ResourceShelf for bringing this information out into the light.

Recently Awarded Patents
Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity
Assignee: Google. Here’s how this reranked search patent would work – After finding the initial results for a given query, Google would then scan the set of results and analyze their interconnectivity. The sites would then be reranked by determining which sites in that group have the most intertwining links to them. —
Advanced web bookmark database system
Assignee: NEC

Automated on-line commerce method and apparatus utilizing shopping servers which update product information on product selection
Assignee: CNET

Page aggregation for web sites
Assignee: Verizon
“…involves examining and comparing the IP addresses of the Web pages, and can also be extended to finding other pages to which a given Web page is linked on the Web, and to determining whether a Web page of interest is part of a Web site with a desired characteristic, such as being part of an electronic commerce site.”

Method and system for advertisement using internet browser to insert advertisements
Assignee: E-Book Systems Pte Ltd
“The present invention relates to a system and method for advertising using an Internet browser with a book-like, flipping page-based interface. The present invention takes advantage of the book-like interface to create a better advertisement-viewing/reading experience for the user on the one hand and more effective delivery of advertisements for the advertiser on the other hand.”

Methods, computer system, and computer program product for configuring a meta search engine
Assignee: Hewlett-Packard (Compaq)

Information search and retrieval system
Assignee: MIT
This patent is for an image search engine.

Method, system, and program for ordering search results using an importance weighting
Assignee: IBM
“… technique for providing, accessing, and using bookmark data to supplement information in a search engine database.”

Metadata search results ranking system
Assignee: IBM

Automatic method for quantifying the relevance of intra-document search results
Assignee: Hewlett-Packard (Compaq)

Method and apparatus for retrieving information from semi-structured, web-based data sources

Recently Published Search-Related Patent Applications

Apparatus and method for identifying and/or for analyzing potential patent infringement

System and method for automated multimedia content indexing and retrieval
Assignee: AT&T

Method and apparatus for characterizing documents based on clusters of related words
An assignee isn’t listed but I believe both listed inventors work at Google.

Methods and apparatus for personalized content presentation

System and method for improving answer relevance in meta-search engines
Assignee: Xerox

Peer-to-peer internet trading system with distributed search engine
Assignee: IBM

Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server

Method for data and text mining and literature-based discovery

Method and apparatus for directing Internet users to health care information such as names of health care providers

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New Google Reranking and Other Search Engine Patents

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