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New Google PageRank Update?

New Google PageRank Update?

New Google PageRank Update?

Over the past few days I’ve been noticing some sites (of my own and some others) with new or changing Google PageRank. At first I got all excited, thinking that the datacenters have all updated with a new uniform PageRank update, but sites went back to zero or previous ranks, and I figured that I’d wait a bit before making any sort of announcement (well, I did make a rather accurate prediction over at V7N Forums).

Now on Webmaster World” target=”_blank”>Webmaster World some members are seeing the same up and down changes with some new PageRank bars for sites which previously were not ranked.

2K at SEOMoz is also seeing some updating going on, although a lot of other readers are not:

I usually have a pretty good hunch of future PR updates, and it was accurate this time also. For some odd reason they seem to have some sort of *mystic connection* with my calendar (or then I’m just always too busy to follow updates closely)…. So it’s official, the little green bar is updated and the project website has moved from PR0 to PR5.

Are you seeing changes in Google PageRank? Please let us know in the comments below (which are working now!)

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