New Backlink Analysis Tool Available From WebMeUp Completely For Free

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Matt Southern
Matt Southern SEJ STAFF
New Backlink Analysis Tool Available From WebMeUp Completely For Free

As essential as good inbound links are to a successful SEO strategy, there are surprisingly few tools available for analyzing a site’s backlink profile. Even more uncommon are inbound link analysis tools that offer the full extent of their features completely for free. So when WebMeUp contacted me about their new, free tool I immediately saw the value in sharing it with SEJ readers.

WebMeUp’s new backlink analysis tool, available here, will remain 100% free while in beta. A stable version will be released soon, at which point they may charge for it, but at this time they’re only “considering” that option. It could very well remain free for the foreseeable future. I also must point out that there’s  a difference between WebMeUp’s all-in one SEO software and their new backlink tool. While the former is paid and works as a full-cycle SEO application, the latter targets link research specifically.

Alexandra Shkalikova, VP of Marketing at WebMeUp, was kind enough to provide some exclusive statements for SEJ about who the tool was designed for.

Who is this tool best suited for?

When we were designing the system’s architecture, we made a difficult decision: we should first deliver links to those who really need them – i.e. growing sites, those who do daily hard work for every link and every 1,000 visitors. We had to decide whether we want to look good in reviews, or would we rather be seen as useful to a broader audience of SEOs. You know, the SEOs who do the real life, hard jobs of analyzing link profiles of their growing sites and competitors’ sites.

So when choosing between “good-looking” or “good-doing” we chose good doing and decided to save more links for “smaller” sites at the expense of bigger ones. Today we can deliver up to 6,000,000 links per site, so “smaller” is a vague description.

We also decided to target domain diversity over link quantity. If you take any 50,000 links from WebMeUp and 50,000 links from another link tool, most likely you’ll have more domains in WebMeUp’s chunk. So I’d like to say this link index is particularly useful for SEOs and owners of those sites that really  depend on links, and to those people to whom SEO is critical for growing their business. This is how we differ from other backlink checkers, and this is what we’re proud of.

Editor’s note: WebMeUp is an advertiser with SEJ but they did not pay us for this post. Once again, WebMeUp’s backlink tool can be accessed here, and if you’re the type of SEO that Alexandra has described I strongly recommend you give it a try. 


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