Navigate the Web Faster with These FireFox Hotkeys

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I have looked already into ways to speed up some SEO tasks with FireFox shortcuts as well as create your own. This time I am following up with some hotkeys that allow you to navigate the web much faster:

Default navigation hotkeys

Alt+Alt + BOpen the Bookmarks drop-down menu
Alt + EnterOpen address in a new tab
CTRL + Ctrl + IOpen/close the Bookmarks sidebar
Ctrl + HOpen/close the History pane
Ctrl + KActivate search box
Ctrl + Down ArrowSelect next search engine in Web Search bar
Ctrl + IOpen/close the Bookmarks sidebar
F6Activate Google toolbar search
Tab navigation
CTRL + Ctrl + 1Select the leftmost tab
Ctrl + 2-8Select each of the tabs in order from left to right
Ctrl + 9Select the rightmost tab
Ctrl + F4Close active tab
Ctrl + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + TabSelect the next tab within the current Firefox window
Ctrl + Shift + TabSelect the previous tab within the current Firefox window
Ctrl-WClose tab
Ctrl-Shift-TUndo close tab
Address bar navigation
Alt + DSelect the current Location bar text
Ctrl + EnterAdd “www.” to the beginning and “.com” to the end of the text in the Location bar

Assign hotkeys to launch any of your favorite website(s):

SiteLauncher is the FireFox addon that allows to assign any alphabetic key to launch your favorite website(s).

  • Install the addon and re-start;
  • CTRL + space: brings the launcher forward;
  • Click on any key to manage your hot keys:
    • edit default keys;
    • add your own sites.


Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty
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  • As well as Ctrl+Enter for the www. & .com appendages, you can also use :

    Shift+Enter: www. & .net
    Ctrl+Shift+Enter: www. & .org

  • well heck. 14 years web, 30 yrs PC consulting – and I always learn more. Why didn’t I ever know half these FF hotkeys? LOL

    Just printed this out and stuck it to my wall so I can memorize them. And I’ll check out the Site Launcher, because I love doing things with less effort.

    Ann, you’re really on top of productivity methods with your blog posts!

  • LOL uh, regarding my last coment – that’s 20 years PC consulting…

  • These are excellent – thank you! Love the undo close tab one – think that should be called “DOH!”

  • i love hotkeys !! 😀