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Navango Search Engine Looking for Testers and Researchers

Navango Search Engine Looking for Testers and Researchers

Navango Search Engine Looking for Testers and Researchers

Navango, an upcoming search engine, is currently seeking “Quality Researchers” and beta testers interested to sharing their ideas and bug reports before Navango launches later this year. Navango’s goal is to deliver relevant search results with no advertising or search engine spam results. Search engine spam is usually sites which use questionable tactics such as cloaking, link farms and/or over used keyword placement to achieve high search engine rankings.

“We understand there are already many search engines and nobody really needs yet another one – However, Navango is different as we focus on reducing spam submissions and also on offering very unique features which will enable our users to learn more about a website before they even visit”, said Mr. Bosch, Navango Product Manager.

“The point of creating a new search engine is education. We want to tell people what they will find on a website before they even visit. Navango will indicate if a site contains Javascript, background sounds, embedded objects or movies and also if a site accepts online payments such as Paypal, 2Checkout or other payment processors. Such information simply saves time as users will know what to expect even before they click a link.”, Mr. Bosch added.

Interested volunteers may apply at .

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