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Natural Language Search Engine Kozoru

Natural Language Search Engine Kozoru

Natural Language Search Engine Kozoru

Put Kozoru on your search engine radar, they just got three million dollars in financing. Nothing going on with their Web site at the moment, but a couple things are interesting about this:

– Investment from the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp. Is this the first major search engine investment by the state of Kansas?

– CEO John Flowers used to work at InQuisit, which I loved and mourned when it went away 1999ish.

– David Warthen is on the board. He co-founded Ask Jeeves.

Source : Research Buzz

Gary Price at ResourceShelf adds:

It’s always exciting to read about new efforts in search. This one appears to go into the natural language/answer engine category. Remember, most of the big names in search today started small, very small. One of them will soon go public. Of course, bigger doesn’t always mean better and numerous small and specialized search tools do a great job and offer exciting innovations. Kozoru is based in Overland Park, Kansas.

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