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The first two are predictable, and Yahoo. Google is ranked 5th.

Are you surprised?

Well you shouldn’t be as most of the time spent on Google is probably GMail or search. Their other channels aren’t really popular enough to suck up all of our online time, and Google is so efficient that ideally, they should not be listed anywhere near MySpace.

More factoids from

  • Only 20 domains capture a whopping 39% of all our time spent online.
  • Only 2.1% of our time is spent on (includes all sub-domains).
    • This surprised me somewhat, given how much I *think* I use Google everyday. I still think I use Google quite a bit, but now realize I don’t spend much time on the site itself. Google is NOT a portal with loads of content. Gmail and Google News are the only services that I spend considerable time on. Search, Maps, etc are quick look-up utilities, as they should be.
    • Even if one adds time spent on (#12) to’s (#5) tally — it still only adds up to 2.7%, and is well below time spent on (#4).
  • MySpace (#1) is miles ahead of Yahoo! (#2), however Yahoo! impresses. Yahoo holds a significant lead over, and Yahoo simply needs to merge with MSN to take #1 (hint hint)
  • The presence of on this list is surprising, but hey, everyone needs a friend, or two!
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