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Multiply Social Network offers Social Relationship Search Engine

Multiply Social Network offers Social Relationship Search Engine

Multiply, a growing social network, announced last month that it features the first search engine that finds information that’s been published in one’s social network. Multiply’s search returns content published by people that have a relationship with the person searching, and relevance is based not just on the content, but also on the social relationship of the content owner to the searcher.

The search algorithm uses Multiply’s proprietary proximity index, as well as traditional ranking systems, when sorting results. Rather than measure how socially close people are only by “degrees of separation,” as many other social networks do, Multiply takes into consideration numerous real-world dynamics such as the real relationship between people (wife, roommate, co-worker, etc.) and the number of mutual relationships two people may share.

Since search results are presented with a description of the relationship between the content producer and the searcher, a comfortable forum for discussion is created. With Multiply’s technology, search has evolved from being a stand-alone task to being a catalyst for social communication, and it’s the follow-up communication that often increases the chance of the searcher finding the information they need.

“If you are planning a vacation to Rome, a search on Multiply may yield a photo album taken by your cousin’s neighbor during his vacation, and a blog entry written by your co-worker’s nephew when he was backpacking through Europe,” according to Peter Pezaris, Multiply’s founder and CEO. “People often turn to Multiply first as an information resource because search results are more personal, trusted, and interesting than what one would find in a generic web-search on sites such as Google and Yahoo!. Multiply is the only place you can find these types of personal search results.”

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Multiply Social Network offers Social Relationship Search Engine

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