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MSN adCenter Defines Low Quality, Non-Billable Clicks

MSN adCenter is reporting on and defining low quality clicks and standard quality clicks within their system and taking the extra step to help fight click fraud with a pledge to not bill for low quality clicks.

From the adCenter Blog :

The latest release of adCenter includes exciting ways to improve advertiser visibility into the area of click quality. What does click quality mean, and why is it important to you? Because all clicks don’t necessarily carry the same value, adCenter categorizes them as either standard quality or low quality. Standard-quality clicks are the clicks that you want, that ordinarily result in conversions, and that you are billed for.

And what exactly are the adCenter low quality clicks?

Low-quality clicks are clicks that adCenter classifies as non-billable, including those that adCenter has identified as:

  • Invalid clicks
  • Clicks that have characteristics of low or unclear commercial intent
  • Clicks that exhibit patterns of unusual activity
  • Clicks that originate from spiders, robots, questionable sources, or test servers
  • Clicks that should be filtered out for other reasons

On the adCenter Spaces Blog MSN also runs down some statistics which show how campaigns on MSN adCenter have a higher conversion rate than Yahoo or Google (although a lot of these stats are a year old).

If adCenter successfully labels low quality clicks and does not bill for them, discounting them from the equation, such conversion rates should improve dramatically. Good work MSN adCenter!

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MSN adCenter Defines Low Quality, Non-Billable Clicks

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