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Mozilla Updates Firefox 1.0.4 – Fixes Security Holes

Mozilla Updates Firefox 1.0.4 – Fixes Security Holes

The Mozilla Foundation has responded to security flaws in the Firefox browser today by patching the two “extremely critical” security holes. Mozilla recommends its Firefox users upgrade to Firefox 1.0.4, which is secure and patched. Mozilla released this statement “Firefox 1.0.4 is a security update that is part of our ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience for our customers. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.”

Earlier this week Securnia called for a critical alert status for the Firefox browser and said that hackers may have the codes to exploit such flaws in the browser. Firefox has recently become the second most popular web browser on the market and is viewed among computer users and the business community as a safe alternative to Microsoft IE – which is targeted by multiple spyware and adware companies.

Securnia stated that the Firefox security problem was that “IFRAME” JavaScript URLs were not properly protected from being executed in context of another URL in the history list. This could have been exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user’s browser session in context of an arbitrary site.

The updated version of Firefox, Firefox 1.0.4, can be downloaded from the Mozilla Foundation.

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Mozilla Updates Firefox 1.0.4 – Fixes Security Holes

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