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MoreGoogle : Enhances your Google Experience

MoreGoogle : Enhances your Google Experience

Google seems to be the world’s favorite search engine. It is famous for its bare interface that focuses more on speed and accurate results than eye candy. And apparently some people find it to be too bare. That is why we have had tools like Viewpoint Toolbar and Girafa that add more to the search engine results. These tools let you have a preview of the result pages in the form of thumbnails. Now, before Google plans to do anything like this, a Google fan has developed a small utility that lets you add similar features to Google results.

It is called MoreGoogle, and is not related to Google in other ways other than it merges into the Google results when searched from Internet Explorer. It comes in the form of a small DLL file, which is installed by a proper installer. Now, using it becomes as simple as searching for a keyword on Google as usual. The utility adds a thumbnail image (retrieved from Alexa network) along with the results. Other than that, it also adds proper related product images for content related to Amazon product searches. Some more value added features are new links like Open in a new window, Site info, Archived and More Related.

Overall, a fun utility that adds more value to Google searches on your computer. Currently it only works with Internet Explorer. There is also a Firefox/Mozilla extension which works similarly called GooglePreview.

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MoreGoogle : Enhances your Google Experience

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