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More (Google) SERPs Research with Yolink

More (Google) SERPs Research with Yolink

Yolink is a nice new tool that searches through the content linked from the current page (available to both FireFox and Google Chrome users). Basically, it works as follows:

(1) You find a page which links to some other pages (let’s call them “linked pages“)
(2) You open the tool in the sidebar and provide the search term;
(3) The tool will look for the provided term on the linked pages and show you the summarized content.

I found the tool especially useful for various SERPs research.

Let me show one example: let’s say my main keyword is [diabetic diets] and I want to research which (and how many) pages found for its core term [diets] mention [diabetes] or [diabetic]. My steps would be:

1. (With Yolink installed) I search Google for [diets];

2. I click the Yolink icon in the address bar to toggle the tool sidebar; In the sidebar I provide my second keyword [diabetic] and choose one of the options (exact match, “best” match, match one of the search terms, match all the search terms):


3. Now I can watch the tool generate snippets from the linked pages and highlight my search term:

  • The listing number represents the link on the base page (which is Google SERPs in our case);
  • If there are several extracts containing the search term within one listing, they will be marked with letters;
  • When you hover over any listing in Yolink results, you will be able to see its number on the base page:


4. Now just scroll through results to see which pages contain your term and how they use it:


Isn’t it useful?

More things you can do with Yolink:

  • Scan the current page links or text;
  • Send results directly to Blogger, WordPress, Facebook or Twitter.


Do you see yourself using this tool? Please share your thoughts!

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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More (Google) SERPs Research with Yolink

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