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This Month in #ContentMarketing: January 2015

Here is your monthly roundup covering all the top news and strategies in the content marketing world.

This Month in #ContentMarketing: February | SEJ

As we wrap up the first month of 2015, most people are finally settling back into their groove at work – which means there were a TON of great articles covering content marketing published this month. So, to take the work out of sifting through all the noise, here is your monthly roundup covering all the top news and strategies in the content marketing world.

These articles cover a wide range of topics – from how to reach the largest audience possible to how to tell your content strategy is working. Let’s take a look!

(Note: This list is in no particular order, and selections were completely subjective.)

7 Content Marketing Tools to Improve Your Productivity This Month in #ContentMarketing: January | SEJ

Creating great content is less than half the battle. That is where this article by Ian Cleary comes in. He lists seven useful tools to get your awesome content out there for the world to see. From researching your competition’s strategy to planning your editorial calendar, these tools will help take your content marketing strategy to the top.

9 Clever Ways to Repurpose Content and Gain More Leads

Creating content takes time – often a great deal of time. So why only use it once? In this list, Sarah Burke gives you nine ways to repurpose that fantastic content you slaved over for so long. Plus, as the article points out, people consume content differently, so putting those webinar slides on slideshare isn’t just about trying to gain more leads – it is also about giving visual learners the tools they need to consume your content.

The Content Marketing Expert Guide to Analytics & Metrics

You know that feeling of exhilaration when you publish a fantastic article and it gets a lot of attention? You watch the Twitter notifications roll in, the social shares climb, and bask in the glow of creating a great piece of content. As nice as that feels, it won’t put money in your bank account. This guide by Larry Kim shows you exactly how to measure the effectiveness of your content – so your warm glowy feeling can get backed up by cold hard numbers.

How to Hire Top Content MarketersThis Month in #ContentMarketing: January | SEJ

This is for those of you who know content marketing is important – but you don’t want to actually do it. Maybe you don’t have the time, or maybe you just aren’t good at it. Either way, this article by Brianne Carlon Rush will show you the top traits to look for for when hiring a content marketer.

17 Stats You Should Know About Visual Content Marketing in 2015

Too often, “content marketing” just means “blogging”. But remember, content comes in many different forms, and this article by Jesse Mawhinney gives 17 reasons why you should pay attention to visual content. (Hint: Your audience is!)


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This Month in #ContentMarketing: January 2015

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