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This Month in #ContentMarketing: August 2015

This month's content marketing roundup includes how to use analytics to do content marketing better and much more!

This Month in #ContentMarketing: August 2015 | SEJ

Summer time usually means less content, but that hasn’t been the case in August. In the last month, tons of great information about content marketing has been published.

This month’s content marketing roundup includes how to use analytics to do content marketing better, how personalization can help you write better content, a list of tools to write better, and much more!

Editor’s Note: This list is completely subjective and in no particular order. 

12+ Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing by Ann Gynncontent marketing round up

It is really easy to assume the results of content marketing are untrackable. The problem with that is it makes it really difficult to prove to your boss you are doing something of value if your results are can’t be tracked. Some metrics, such as brand awareness, or goodwill towards your brand, are in fact difficult to track.

But, many metrics correlate to business goals and can be used to prove and improve your content marketing. My favorite tip in this article is to include “which means” in the explanation of any metric.

Read it on Content Marketing Institute

The Wild and Crazy Guide to Writing Sentences by Michelle Russell

If the thought of reading one more post about how awesome content marketing is if you “just” write amazing, blow them out of the water content makes you want to scratch your eyes out, this article is for you. As I’ve written before, just telling marketers to write good content is useless. You need to also tell them how to write better content.

This article does just that. This article gives actual advice on how to become a better writer by telling you how to put together better sentences.

Read it on Boost Blog Traffic

Your Content’s Missing Ingredient is You by Chris Warden

According to Chris Warden, 60 million pieces of content are produced each and every second. This includes Facebook posts, blogs, videos, and comments, but that is still an astounding amount of content. Which begs the questions: how in the world are marketers supposed to stand out in this tidal wave of content?

In this post, Chris discusses taking content creation a step further and making it more personal – to you. Instead of writing bland list articles with regurgitated ‘tips’, take the time to look how the advice you are giving applies to your life and how share how you implemented change. This strategy offers more value, which is the entire point of creating content.

Read it on Convince and Convert

5 Content Categories To Help You Increase Sales by Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is one of my favorite writers because she almost never does short and sweet. Nearly everything she writes examines a topic from multiple angles and gives you all the information you need to actually implement changes – and tells you why. This post is no different!

From a lesser writer, this article could be titled “5 Content Types You Should Consider” (which isn’t terrible, on its own). However, from Heidi, that same article is a fully comprehensive guide to why you need a content strategy, including statistics to back up her points, and a list of categories of content you probably haven’t considered.

Read it on

20 Amazing Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Marketing by Amanda Chiu

Creating content can be a struggle. Creating really good content can seem down right impossible some days, which is why I love using tools to make life easier. This collection of tools by Amanda Chiu offers a solution for just about any area you struggle in. Whether your writing stinks, you are out of ideas, or get easily distracted, this list will offer a tool designed to solve your struggle.

Read it on Jeffbullas’ blog

Bonus Pick: How One Couple Drastically Changed Their Life by Blogging by Gina Horkey

I love success stories. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and inspire me to dream impossible dreams. This article by Gina Horkey details how her and her husband left their corporate jobs to become full-time freelancers, which also allowed them to spend more time with their family. If you are looking for a feel good pick me up with tips for wannabe bloggers, you will want to read this.

Did I miss any awesome articles that were published in the last month? Please share in the comments!


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This Month in #ContentMarketing: August 2015

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