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Monitoring AdSense Earnings on Google Sidebar

Monitoring AdSense Earnings on Google Sidebar

One of the coolest things about Google’s Sidebar application is that it is open to adding plug-ins; created by both Google and other software manufacturers (an influence of Firefox?). The Google Desktop Plugins directory is available from Google and includes plug-ins ranging from chat to iPod to video players. One of the most useful plug-ins available to site owners who use Google AdSense is the AdSense Status plug-in.

By downloading and adding the AdSense Status plug-in, AdSense users can continuously monitor AdSense earnings in their Google Sidebar without having to skip back and forth to the Google AdSense site. The plug-in offers information on page impressions, clicks, page CTR, page eCPM, and overall earnings.

There is another similar plug-in for the Firefox browser which also monitors AdSense earnings – the Google AdSense Firefox Extension. While this extension also does an excellent job of monitoring one’s earnings via the Firefox browser, one may worry that their AdSense login and password is being sent to a third party.The beauty of the Google Sidebar AdSense Status plug-in is that the information you’re giving the software is going directly to Google (created by Airbear Software, but distributed, approved, and managed via Google), so there are really no fears of someone breaking into your AdSense account.

In addition to the Google AdSense Status plug-in there are some more changes coming to Google AdSense including over 200 channels, Section Targeting, and enhanced reporting for AdSense search.

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Monitoring AdSense Earnings on Google Sidebar

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