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3 Tools to Monitor Any Page or Site Changes

There may be various reasons why you might need to track a web page:

(1) You can use page trackers instead of an RSS reader to monitor new front page stories;
(2) You can track Digg category pages to watch the dynamics;
(3) You can track Google “Past 24-hours” results to monitor your competitors, etc.

This post lists 3 handy FireFox addons that will help you monitor any page and notify you of changes in various ways:

Follow2 Notifier

Follow2 Notifier is a FireFox add-on that allows you to get real-time updated content notifications to your status bar from any website / page.

It installs a nice icon in your browser status bar called f2 which works the following way:

  • Click it once you land on a page you want to track;
  • The page will be added to the tracker;
  • Once the page it is updated, you will see an update alert in the status bar (if there are many alerts, you’ll see a scroller to list the notifications):

Follow2: update notification

From there you can:

  • Click the notification to load the updated page;
  • Right-click on the icon to be able to load your site list:

Follow2 : list


SiteDelta notifies when websites are changed and highlights the changes since last visit. The addon icon (also added to the status bar) works similarly as the similar one:

  • Click it to add the page to the tracker;
  • Right-click on a tiny notification icon next to it to open the most recently-added page or all pages in different tabs;
  • When on page again, click the icon to highlight the actual changes:

SiteDelta highlight

  • Right-click on the icon to access many more handy options:

Page properties:

(1) See the page information: the text version of the page and when you last visited it:

Site Delta: Page info

(2) Set the tracking preferences: scan the deleted content, image addresses, ignore cases, ignore numbers and backup changes:

SiteDelta: settings

(3) Set the scanning frequency:

SiteDelta frequency

Backup current page version or see previous backups;

Track only some portion of the page (or ignore some area of the page):

Sitedelta: portion

Open only changed pages

See all your tracked pages in the sidebar (red color means there’s an update):

SiteDelta: sidebar

Update Scanner

Update scanner mainly works via the sidebar: the icon is only used to open that sidebar.


All the tool does is basically the following:

  • Notifies you of any page changes;
  • Highlights changes:

Update Scanner

The most useful feature of the tool is that it can be configured to ignore minor changes (the feature available from “Edit properties” link on a page saved copy):

Update Scaner: Page properties

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3 Tools to Monitor Any Page or Site Changes

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