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Mobile Blogging: When You Got to Blog, You Got to Blog!

What makes blogging such a unique phenomenon is its ability to dispense precious insight, unique ideas and information that is current, interesting and up to date. Some of the best blogs out there provide an insider’s look into another’s perspective. The blogs that stand out are the ones that allow you to view the world from the writer’s eyes. It’s almost as if you are standing in their shoes and seeing things their way. It’s a good way to increase your perspective and objectivity. Here is where we run into a teeny problem.

Blogged Down

It is true that strokes of genius can happen at any given time. The problem is what if it decides to strike while you’re away from home and miles away from your computer? That’s a fresh idea down the drain. Here is another frustrating situation. You are going along your life happily enjoying a brunch with your closest friends when all of a sudden from the corner of your eye; you see the most amazing sight. Out there on the corner of the road you see a huge English bulldog playing with a miniature Chihuahua.

Well, that is something you don’t see every day. You pull out a phone and take a picture thinking that you will eventually get around to posting it in your blog. There you go again. Sad to say, most of these pictures never do get to see the light of day on your blog.

Keep Connected

But what if there was a new service that could easily take your thoughts, your ideas, and your voice straight from your cell phone to your internet blog where it belongs? You might be thinking, “Well that’s too much. Nobody needs to blog about every single idea that comes to his or head. Is that not bordering on vanity just a bit?” Not when you have worthwhile thoughts to share, it isn’t. Vanity is when you are concerned about how people perceive you. It isn’t when you try to bring out information that you believe in your heart will entertain, inform or just brighten someone’s day. So in reality, this new service that allows you to blog from your mobile phone does exist. And despite what you might think about the ill effects of instant gratification, it actually is one of the best things to happen to technology today.

Anywhere Goes

Now that you know that yes, you can indeed blog from anywhere. It does not even matter if you are stuck in your great aunt’s birthday masquerade party. If you think that the food being served is absolutely divine and that you must post about it before it completely expires from your brain’s filing section, then go ahead and take out your cell phone and do it.

You might want to at least do this in a relatively private corner where you won’t seem like you’ve run out of manners though. Etiquette still reigns in social situations.

Mobile Blogging in 1,2,3

1) Gather all your materials. What do you need to embark on this new hobby of yours? Your mobile phone preferably with a camera, a free blogger account (preferred) and your thoughts.

2) Sign up for your blogger service. Now this should be done while you are still with your computer with an Internet access. Log on to your blog portal of choice and sign up for free. (You can choose a plus account if you’re the more serious sort of blogging chap, of course).

3) Now you are ready to blog. If you want to add pictures to your blog, snap some shots with your phone’s camera. Go to the “create new multimedia or email” option on your mobile. Write your message on the “new message” display. Attach the photo from a few seconds ago. Click send.

4) You should get a confirmation receipt. Congratulations you have just performed your first mobile blogging procedure. Enjoy!

Caution: Mobile blogging can get addictive. Take care to blog only about worthwhile things otherwise you will just spam your readers.

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Catherine Vasquez is a blogger and writer who enjoys the subjects of social media, mobile computing and business blog hosting.

Mobile Blogging: When You Got to Blog, You Got to Blog!

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