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MineTech Search Engine Eliminates Random Search Queries

MineTech, Inc. an international data solutions and marketing company, today announced the release of a new search engine which eliminates to need for users to query the endless streams of batched data delivered by popular “keyword”-based search engines like Google when conducting online searches.

MineTech‘s new product, called “Search Incite”, uses a content search format in which the software reads and understands how words are used in a sentence. Search Incite understands, for example, the distinctions between the word “mouse” as a computer component versus a rodent or “bass” as a fish, singer or an instrument, which helps streamline and refine the search focus for users.

“The internet is both a blessing for the amount of information it can deliver and a curse for the way it delivers that information,” says Kenn Devane, president and CEO of MineTech, Inc. “Everyone is frustrated by the endless and random results generated by Google-type searches, which often pull up material that is irrelevant for users. While Microsoft, Yahoo and Google struggle to reinvent, personalize and localize their search offerings, we’ve developed a simple solution that greatly improves most search functions.”

Search Incite has three components to its search process. First, it uses a 50,000-word library of linguistic elements to read and filter all data delivered by the search, based on terminology, phraseology, grammar and other filters. The library is customized to include all abbreviations, acronyms and other labels that are unique to a company, which increases the speed and accuracy of the search.

Next, the engine applies a pattern matching technique to assign a priority to the search results, based on the concentration of the data being searched. Finally, it displays the search results in an index, by subject. Users simply select the subject they are interested in and information relating to that subject is automatically highlighted within the document, web page or email.

Search Incite works with almost every format of structured and unstructured data and all languages can be supported by simply translating the library. This means that it can read a document in one language and convert it to another. It can also automate the metadata tagging process via the index and the XML translation process to standardize data definitions.

Devane explains that Search Incite can also be applied to a user’s email system to automatically read, catalog, respond or reject email messages, such as spam.

“If you think of search engines as data vaccum cleaners, Search Incite is the filter that tells you what is inside,” Devane adds. “It’s like the index within a book, that tells readers where to find specific information. Great technology is fundamentally about simplifying manual work, along the lines of E-Z Pass, or E-tickets. How these technologies work is far less important than their ability to speed tasks, improve productivity and get the job done.”

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MineTech Search Engine Eliminates Random Search Queries

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