Mind-Blowing List Building Tip #4 with SEJ Exclusive Offer

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Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson
Mind-Blowing List Building Tip #4 with SEJ Exclusive Offer

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed the list building series thus far and have gotten some new tips that you can apply to building your email marketing list. The last tip, is something I am really excited to be sharing with you guys. It is something I have been working on for 6 months now and today marks the launch of my new list building wordpress plugin, called List Eruption.

Mind-Blowing Tip #4 – LIST ERUPTION

Let’s face it, no matter what is it that you do…whether its trying to find a job, deciding on which product you want to buy, or finding a local dentist in your area; what is one factor that makes you take action? REFERRALS!

If someone refers something or someone to you, that earns more trust and credibility. The same concept applies with building your email list. If you could have each of your subscribers, eager to refer their friends to sign-up for whatever it is you are giving away, just imagine how powerful that could be.

It would lead to:

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Higher Subscriber Counts
  • Faster List Building
  • …Which Equals More Money!

This is exactly what List Eruption does. It leverages the power of referrals to let each new subscriber build your list for you. Below is an infographic that shows you how the List Eruption plugin works.

[insert list-eruption-infographic here]

How List Eruption Works

Just to show you the full power of what List Eruption can do for building your list, let me walk you through how it works step-by-step.

Step 1: A blog visitor enters an area of your blog where you have an Opt-In form for a free piece of content you are giving away. The visitor Opts-In.

Step 2: After the now subscriber Opts-In, they are taken to a “Thank You Page” where they are given a unique referral URL. They are enticed and encouraged to refer their friends to earn “Bonus Rewards” that you (the blog owner) sets.

Step 3: The subscriber will be able to share the piece of content they offered by clicking the “Share on Twitter” or “Share on Facebook” links on the Thank You page, which will automatically have their referral URL attached so they can get credit for anyone they refer.

Step 4: The subscriber also receives an email with their referral URL, again encouraging them to refer X people to receive the bonus reward levels that you set.

Step 5: Reminder emails are automatically sent to the subscriber, to further encourage them to keep referring their friends, to reach future reward levels.

Step 6: You (the blog owner) can monitor your subscribers and how many referrals and reward levels each person reaches, all in the back-end of WordPress.

Basically the more people that they refer to Opt-In to your piece of content, the more bonus rewards (PDF, Discounts, etc..) they will get, and the MORE subscribers you will get on your list.

There are LOADS of other features and functionality built into this plugin, that make it super easy for anyone with a WordPress blog to setup this List Building system. This system is how I was able to get over 3,000 new subscribers to my list in under 3 months!

Once I saw the power of this referral system, I knew I needed to develop this into an easy to use WordPress plugin, so that others could do the same to their list.

SEJ Reader Special Discount on List Eruption

As a thanks to SEJ for allowing me to write this List Building series, I wanted to give you guys a special offer on this new plugin that I am not offering anywhere else. For ONLY 7 days, I will be offering a substantial discount on the List Eruption plugin.

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

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