Mind-Blowing List Building Tip #2

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Mind-Blowing List Building Tip #2

If you haven’t checked out the first mind-blowing tip, make sure that you do! We talk about the reasons of why having a list are vital to your marketing success and a reveal a secret website that gives you access to over 6,000 users who are looking to grow your list with you.

Mind-Blowing Tip #2

In the 2nd tip, I wanted to discuss placement of your Opt-In box or Call to Action graphic for your blog, that will help in significantly increasing your Opt-In rates. It is important to have multiple ways and funnels for your visitors to find your Opt-In form. From personal experience I can tell you that utilizing appealing graphics and Opt-In forms in these areas will tremendously improve your subscriber rates.

1. Top of Sidebar

Probably the most important area that you need to have a graphic or Opt-In form is at the top of your sidebar. This is one of the most prominent areas of a blog that most visitors will see. By keeping the form or graphic at the top of the sidebar, you can ensure that no matter what screen resolution the user has, the form/graphic will be “above the fold”.

As you will see on John Chow’s blog, who is one of the biggest super affiliates out there, he has a great example of utilizing that prime real estate for getting Opt-Ins.

2. After Every Post

What does a blog reader do once they read your most recent post? THEY LEAVE! We don’t want them to do that. We want them to either read more content or take action on something. That is why placing a form or call to action graphic at the end of a blog post is SO important. Remember that not everyone is going to be entering from your homepage, they may come in through their RSS feed, so it is important to have multiple opt-in areas on the Single Post pages.

3. Below the Main Navigation

OK, I’ll admit it, I stole this idea from Michael Dunlop, who is an awesome marketer that I follow. He used this concept on his blog and I did the same. The idea is to place a compelling graphic just below the main navigation, but above the first post. I find that this is actually some prime real estate on a blog, but doesn’t really distract the user from reading your post.

This is yet another area that will be above the fold and is in a spot that is very attractive to click.

4. End of your RSS Feed

Let’s not forget the people who are reading your content via RSS. Some of these people never even come back to your site, so what can you do to get them to actually click on your post in their reader and come to your site? Well, you can use something called RSS Footer, that allows you to put a snippet of HTML code at the bottom of every post in the users RSS reader. This is a great place to putting in a banner or promotion graphic for whatever it is you want to promote.

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