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Million Dollar Homepage Auctioning Off Last Pixels

Million Dollar Homepage Auctioning Off Last Pixels

Not really search related (although there is some controversy over whether or not the linked images will help with some search engine rankings), but the Million Dollar Homepage is almost full and auctioning off its final images on eBay. Caught the university student who thought this up on CNN over the holiday weekend and the whole pixel buying concept is brilliant, but even more brilliant is the final pixel auction on eBay.

With only 8 days left in auction bidding, the final 1,000 pixels are currently receiving a high bid of $21,600. With all of the media hoopla surrounding the auctioning of the final pixels, I’d expect these to reach almost $100,000 after the final eight days. The final bidder will more than likely get their share of media coverage for purchasing the placement and my thinking is Golden Palace Casino or one of the Party Poker sites has their fingers ready for the final bidding.

Alex Tew, creator of the Million Dollar Homepage writes on the eBay auction (which launced on New Years Day):

At the time of writing, has received over 1.5 million unique visitors and over 2.7 million page impressions in the last 7 days alone, leading to huge exposure and click-throughs for the advertisers on the homepage. Considering the site will be online for the next 5 years guaranteed, the long-term value of advertising on my site is immense (but remember my aim is to keep it online for decades to come – like an internet time capsule). At the time of writing, ranks my site 127th out of ALL websites on the internet. This is your last chance to literally own a piece of ‘internet history’!

The winning bidder will not only win last 1,000 pixels on the homepage, they will also receive a huge amount of publicity associated with winning this eBay auction and my site finally reaching the million dollar mark. I will also mention the winning bidder on my blog, which is read by tens of thousands of people every day. This truely is a unique, one-off, hugely valuable marketing opportunity. Happy bidding!

Alex Tew
1st January 2006

PS. The last 1,000 pixels are a 50×20 pixel block located at co-ordinates 55,27 on the homepage, which is a prime location in the top-half of the page. You can see the space highlighted in the second image attached to this auction.

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Million Dollar Homepage Auctioning Off Last Pixels

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