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Microsoft launches blogging services in Japan

Microsoft launches blogging services in Japan

Always late on realizing the latest trends of the industry, Microsoft is starting its assault on the blogging industry with the newly launched services in Japan. The services are being launched through the MSN services. Blogging has recently drew a lot of attention with Google buying of to become one of the biggest free online blogging service and many corporations are using blogging to reach out to their customers. Microsoft has itself started their own Blogs on MSDN with the most popular Blog being the IEBlog.

So, Japan becomes the first of the countries to get Microsoft powered Blogs. There is still no information on when Microsoft will enter the more competitive markets such as the United States and the European countries. Japan is said to be relatively new to the world of blogging with few local services providing Blogging services.

About the service from CNN:

The new service will be offered free. But Microsoft will be raising revenue from Web advertising and may charge fees for additional Web log services, such as expanded capacity to hold large content.

Nifty, which launched its Web log service last December, had 40,286 registered users in July. Google, the number one Web search company, has already upgraded its service, which it bought in 2003, by adding features that allow users to publish content from any e-mail-enabled device, such as cell phones and handheld devices.

Well, if past is something to go by, Microsoft enters late but becomes a big player pretty soon. This obviously has an exception in the search engine market!

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist at Search Engine Journal and also the publisher of Software Journal.

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Microsoft launches blogging services in Japan

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