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Microsoft Advertising Rolls Out Tool That Creates Hundreds of Ad Variations

Microsoft Advertising is introducing ad customizers which help reduce setup time and are also said to improve ad quality.

Ad customizers allow advertisers to create hundreds of different variations of a single ad.

Microsoft explains the technicalities of how ad customizers work:

“Ad customizers are parameters within the ad copy which get replaced by dynamic text when the ad is displayed for the user. The text values are provided in the feed file and they are selected based on the targeting defined in the feed.”

The parameters in the ad copy follow this format, Microsoft continues to explain:

“{=FeedName.AttributeName: Default}. If your feed name is “Deals” and you want to reference the custom attribute “Product (text)”, the parameter would be {=Deals.Product}”

Advertisers can set up their ads to change based on a number of targeting options such as location, audience lists, device, search queries, time of day, and others.

As an example, to modify ad text based on user location, you would start by creating a feed with ‘Target Location’ attribute.

Different ad copy can be assigned to specific target locations, which will allow variations of ad copy to be served depending on where the searcher is located.

Advertisers can get started with ad customizers by constructing a customizer feed and uploading it to their account via the Feed Management Tool under Shared Library.

Then create Expanded Text Ads with the reference to the ad customizer parameters in the ad copy.

For more information about how to create an ad customizer feed, see Microsoft’s help page.

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Microsoft Advertising Rolls Out Tool That Creates Hundreds of Ad Variations

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