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Microsoft Advertising Introduces New Features for Shopping Campaigns

Microsoft Advertising is bringing new functionalities to shopping campaigns which are designed to help advertisers save time and gain more insight into account performance.

Here’s more information on each of the new features, which are all guided by advertiser feedback.

Easier Management of Product Groups

Microsoft Advertising is rolling out 4 new capabilities to shopping campaign product groups:

  • Filter, sort, and pivot product groups in a new list view
  • Apply bulk changes faster
  • Enable percentage-based bid changes
  • View side-by-side performance data when subdividing Product Groups

Previously, product groups were arranged in a hierarchy view, which only let advertisers view product groups that belong to a specific ad group. With the new list view, advertisers can view all product groups across an entire account, campaign, or ad group.

Using the list view, product groups can also be sorted based on name, bid, or specific performance metrics.

Sorting product groups by bids makes it possible to make bulk changes faster. Further, advertisers now have the option to edit bids by an increasing or decreasing percentage, as well as specify a maximum bid threshold.

To help advertisers make more informed bidding decisions, Microsoft Advertising has integrated performance data into product group subdivisions.

With this data, advertisers can see how certain categories are currently performing, which can assist with deciding how to set up product groups.

“All of these improvements will save you time and make it easier to view performance of your Product Groups and make bulk changes to bids and Product Group divisions.”

These changes will be rolling out to all Shopping Campaign advertisers over the next few weeks.

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Microsoft Advertising Introduces New Features for Shopping Campaigns

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