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Microsoft Advertising Announces July Product Releases & Updates

Today, Microsoft Advertising announced its July product releases and updates. Here’s what advertisers need to know!

Microsoft Advertising

Today, Microsoft Advertising announced its July product releases and updates including dynamic remarketing vertical expansion, better visibility into in-market audience sizes, new ad customizers for RSAs and more!

Microsoft Expands Verticals for Dynamic Remarketing

Microsoft has announced that later in July they will expand dynamic remarketing to additional verticals including automotive listings, entertainment events, and the travel industry (specifically tours and activities).

Dynamic remarketing uses product IDs to identify what product an audience has interacted with and then uses that to deliver targeted ads.

To learn more about setup, see Dynamic remarketing lists: Remarketing for products.

In-Market Audience Data Refined

Microsoft has updated the user experience for advertisers implementing in-market audiences.  Now, when advertisers are adding in-market audiences, they’ll be able to easily see how big a segment size is based upon the specific markets that they are targeting within that campaign.

Previously, by default, the audience size was global. Now, if a campaign is targeting the U.S., the audience size will be reflective of those audience members that are within the US only.

in-market audiences bing ads ui

Automated Bidding Expands to the Microsoft Audience Network

Automated bidding will be rolling out to the Microsoft Audience network in July. This change will only be effective for search campaigns that are opted into the audience network. Standalone audience campaigns (with no search components) will have this feature available in future months.

New insertions for your Responsive Search Ads

Microsoft has added two new ways to customize responsive search ads with the addition of countdown customizers and location extensions.

Countdown customizers allow advertisers to dynamically insert countdowns into your RSAs to key moments for your business; like sales or online events. For instance, you could countdown to the end of a sale or the end of a shipping window to be delivered by a specific date.

The new format is {COUNTDOWN( <end time>, <run time> )}

countdown customizers bing ads

Location insertions allow advertisers to add locations into your RSAs to maximize relevancy to the searcher based on their location.

location customizers bing ads

New Action Extensions

Microsoft has expanded the number of actions available for action extensions! For more information on setting up those, see the help documentation.

Deprecation of Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool

Microsoft Advertising has deprecated the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool.

For the time being, the tool is still accessible but it won’t be updated or maintained going forward. Instead, advertisers should plan to use the Keyword Planner within the UI.


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Microsoft Advertising Announces July Product Releases & Updates

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