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Microsoft Ads Redesign Adds New Features

Five Microsoft Advertising Features You Might Not Know About

Microsoft has added additional features to the Ad interface redesign, an effort that was announced in October of last year.

Currently, only select customers have access to the redesign preview, but Microsoft has released visuals of the latest improvements rolling out.

More Robust Multi-Account Insights & Management

Multi-account users will have a sleek, redesigned multiple-account view that highlights easier usage in switching between accounts.

Aimed at agencies who manage multiple clients, the new interface also features a Manager Account Overview which will be the default page upon logging in for multi-account managers.

Intended as a quick snapshot, the view will allow for a quick rundown of accounts and their performance so any high level changes, issues, or improvements can be quickly identified:

Time-saving features include the ability for account managers to specify the performance tiles featured in their default view, including Performance, Accounts, and Devices.

The Account option also contains a break down for “Top Changes” to quickly show changes in performance compared to the previous time period.

This will allow multi-account users to immediately identify any notable changes across their accounts right when they log in.

Microsoft notes more tiles will be added in the future to allow further customization.

Accessing the Microsoft Ad Redesign Preview

Currently, the preview is only available to select Microsoft Ad clients.

No online sign up is available.

Users can contact their Microsoft Ad representative to be added to the redesign preview.

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Microsoft Ads Redesign Adds New Features

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