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Michael Phelps Bong Photo : Linkbait Gold

When discussing the art of linkbaiting, Nick Wilson of Performancing once wrote that In order to bait a link, you need a hook.

Those hooks are as follows :

  • News hook
  • Contrary Hook
  • Attack Hook
  • Resource Hook
  • Humour Hook

There is not a much more linkbait hook friendly story than the Michael Phelps Bong Photo story which has been all over the World, US, and Sports media for the past week. The photo, which was secretly taken at a South Carolina University house party and then sold to a British Tabloid, shows the young American National Hero toking what seems to be pot on a water bong.

If I only owned a Bong site 🙂

The word BONG itself is hilarious, as is the situation (which Phelps has spoken publicly about). The more I hear of the story on the TV, radio and online news, the more I think about how popular some linkbait pieces would be if I had an ecommerce store which sold bongs, funny t-shirts or something similar.

Searches for Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps Bong, Michael Phelps Bong Photo are Rocking Google Trends :

Michael Phelps Bong Photo Trends

Seriously, what other grand opportunity will a harmless online bong store have to throw up a couple of linkbaiting articles on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter and Digg and drive some buzz and deep quality links that these controversial sites may never have the opportunity to get in any other situation?

Titles like these would sure attract lots of interest and votes :

  • Michael Phelps’ Superior Lung Capacity Allows Olympic Champ to take MASSIVE Bong Hits
  • 10 Bongs Not Even Michael Phelps Could Toke From
  • Top 10 Celebrity Drug Busts Before Michael Phelps
  • Hey Michael Phelps, Don’t Boggart That Bong!
  • Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps to Start in Pineapple Express 2

Sure maybe over the top, but don’t you think it would be golden?

I asked some Twitter friends for Linkbait Post ideas, and here was the response :

  • ShirleyTipsy No Gold for Water Pipe Skills: Michael Phelps inhales the backlash
  • seosurvivor Michael Phelps: The Olympic Pothead. His secrets on how to float above water!
  • timstaines Baltimore native & Olympic hero thinks actions speak louder than words with his efforts to legalize it
  • vinceblackham @lorenbaker next viral linkbait: “10 bongs that would give even Michael Phelps a challenge” 🙂

Have any ideas for Phelps Bong Linkbait Titles? Please share them in the comments below 🙂

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Michael Phelps Bong Photo : Linkbait Gold

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