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Meta Search Engine Jux2 For Sale on eBay

Meta Search Engine Jux2 For Sale on eBay

Meta Search Engine Jux2 For Sale on eBay

Don’t know what to get the wife for Christmas? How about her own search engine? If you’re looking to buy an award winning meta search engine with a somewhat know brandname and an easy to implement business model in paid links, well jux2 may be just what you’re looking for.

jux2, the meta search engine, is for sale at eBay with the current top bid at $2,025. The auction started in true eBay form at $0.01 and has skyrocketed since. With 8 days and 8 hours left in bidding, my prediction is that jux2 should reach somewhere around $20,000 by the end of the auction due to its technology and popular history up to April of 2004.

That’s the kicker, the damn thing has been on the shelf for the past year. Apparently its owners decided to pull it and focus on some other projects, but due to demand and emails put it back online and then placed the auction on eBay. If it had been alive and kicking over the past year or so, they probably would have been able to get a much prettier penny for jux2.

Oh well, if they can get a fair price then the best to them. One point of note I read in a comment on Threadwatch is that Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny has bid twice on jux2, once for $200 and then again for $703. Some user named businessdata1 has tipped the scales of the auction, holding the current highest bid at $2,025.

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