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Meta Earnings Call: AI Improves UX For Over 3 Billion People

How is AI transforming user experience in Meta's platforms? Find out in the Q2 earnings call that highlights increased growth and engagement.

  • Meta Platforms Inc. reported strong Q2 2023 results, with significant advancements in AI technology.
  • The company's AI advancements have led to the development of new features and improvements in user experience.
  • Meta reported an increase in DAUs and MAUs, with over 3.07 billion daily active people across multiple networks.

Meta recently held its Q2 earnings call, revealing critical insights into the company’s performance, social platform engagement, and future plans.

The company’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) developments and integrating these technologies into their platforms was a significant highlight.

As expected, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, provided a comprehensive overview of financial performance, user statistics, strategic initiatives, AI goals, and the metaverse.

Now that we’ve gotten through the major layoffs, the rest of 2023 will be about creating stability for employees, removing barriers that slow us down, introducing new AI-powered tools to speed us up, and so on

Meta AI Advancements Include Open-Source LLM

Meta reported a strong Q2 2023, with significant advancements in AI technology and increased user engagement across its platforms.

The company’s AI advancements include the development of open-source large language models (LLMs) like Llama 2 that improve the relevance and quality of content shown to users.

…you can imagine lots of ways AI could help people connect and express themselves in our apps: creative tools that make it easier and more fun to share content, agents that act as assistants, coaches, or that can help you interact with businesses and creators, and more.

More importantly, Meta hopes Llama 2 will be instrumental in combating harmful content and ensuring the safety and integrity of its platforms.

Improved User Experience Of Social Platforms

Many of Meta AI’s achievements have been integrated into platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Continuous improvements in user experience, driven by AI advancements, were credited for the increased growth.

Reels is a key part of this Discovery Engine, and Reels plays exceed 200 billion per day across Facebook and Instagram. We’re seeing good progress on Reels monetization as well, with the annual revenue run rate across our apps now exceeding $10 billion, up from $3 billion last fall.

Zuckerberg was also confident about the trajectory of Threads. Meta will apparently use the same playbook to grow the new app as it has with other Meta platforms with over a billion users.

Integrating AI into Meta’s social platforms could lead to more personalized and relevant advertisements for users, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

We introduced AI Sandbox, a testing playground for generative AI-powered tools like automatic text variation, background generation, and image outcropping.

Furthermore, the increase in DAUs and MAUs indicates a larger audience for marketers to target, providing more opportunities for brand exposure and customer acquisition. One area that has a promising future is business massaging via WhatsApp.

Business messaging is another key piece of our monetization strategy, and we recently announced that the 200 million users of our WhatsApp Business app will now be able to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads for Facebook and Instagram without needing a Facebook account.

Screenshot from Meta, July 2023

A breakdown of the average revenue generated per Facebook user globally and in specific regions was included.

Screenshot from Meta, July 2023

The Metaverse

The metaverse remains the company’s ambitious vision for the future of the internet.

Meta’s investment in this new technology is a testament to their commitment to innovation and a potential game-changer in our online interactions.

However, the metaverse development is a long-term project with many uncertainties, and it’s clear that the company is still in the early stages of this journey.

Continuing The Shift In Focus

The latest Meta earnings call report reveals a company in transition, grappling with the challenges of shifting its focus towards developing the metaverse while maintaining its core business operations.

Revenue growth, driven by advertising, continues to be robust, but the costs associated with developing the metaverse impact profitability.

The focus on user privacy and safety and efforts to improve content moderation by Meta are commendable.

However, these initiatives come with their own challenges, as evidenced by the increased expenses and the ongoing scrutiny from regulators and the public.

The company’s future success will largely depend on its ability to successfully navigate these challenges and realize its vision for AI advancements and the metaverse.

Screenshot from Google Finance, July 2023

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Meta Earnings Call: AI Improves UX For Over 3 Billion People

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