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Meet the New Version of AdWords Editor

Meet the New Version of AdWords Editor

If you manage multiple accounts with comprehensive campaign set up’s, you most likely utilize the AdWords Editor. Google just released version 9 of the tool that can be downloaded here and it comes with some much needed new features.

Here is the high level list of new features.

  • Inclusion of Ad Sitelinks
  • Improved Add/Update Multiple and Import CSV tools
  • Set high-end mobile targeting options
  • Better manage multiple targeting options
  • Improved navigation for MCC and accounts

This tool was the pioneer in the desktop editor space and has come a long way since the public Beta in 2006. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features.

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Sitelink Extensions: Sitelinks were released in 2009 and this has since become one of the most requested additions to the editor. The wait is over as version 9 now fully supports the ability to download site link data to accounts in the editor and import this information via CSV, XML or HTML file.

Improved Navigation: Navigating between clients in the Editor used to mean having to hit file then select open account and wait for the list to load to select an account. Version 9 has added drop down navigation that allows users to easily move between downloaded accounts. This seems like such a simple update, but this really improves overall workflow and I’m surprised it wasn’t done earlier.

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I’m still exploring these new features so if anyone else has come across anything of interest please share your feedback.


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