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Erik Whaley is the director of Local Search Traffic, interested in local map listings, local search marketing, local PPC and franchise marketing


In a quiet announcement made last month, Google indicated that some changes would be made to their geo targeting. The most noteworthy of the changes...

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If you manage multiple accounts with comprehensive campaign set up’s, you most likely utilize the AdWords Editor. Google just released version 9 of the tool...

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Most companies are often faced with the dilemma of determining how to maximize limited online marketing budgets. Are you looking for high performance, but need...

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Call tracking is nothing new, but it can often be overlooked with all the set up options available for an online marketing campaign. Call tracking...

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What a big couple of months for the Google SERPs. First they add the “instant” feature (which I’m still getting used to) and most recently,...

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It can be difficult for the little guy to compete with corporations¾moderate SMB programs are no match for endless marketing budgets and the resulting inflated...

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