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Most companies are often faced with the dilemma of determining how to maximize limited online marketing budgets. Are you looking for high performance, but need to be conscious of costs? So what tactics should be used, PPC or SEO? The answer is both. PPC and SEO are often viewed as two very different online marketing strategies, with each side having their own supporters as to why their respective online marketing effort is the most effective. SEO can generate great results, but it often requires patience to achieve higher rankings and is seen as a long term strategy. PPC has more control, but can be very costly depending on the industry.

If your PPC and SEO campaigns aren’t talking to each other, you’re wasting a lot of time and money. Whether the work is being done in house, at a single agency or by multiple agencies, it’s important to share insights learned in each area to avoid duplicated efforts and missed opportunities.

Here are a few things to consider:

Campaign Structure:

Your sites architecture and your Ad Words campaigns should not be that different. In fact, both should have a natural flow from high level content to very specific topics and subcategories. Those subcategories can be considered ad groups or pages on the site with the keywords appearing as text on the pages and in the ad groups.

Keyword Strategy:

It’s important to establish how your keyword mix will intercept your audience and how PPC and SEO will fit in. Broad terms tend to be hyper competitive and the most expensive, while long tail terms tend to be less competitive, but they drive higher qualified traffic. Depending on campaign goals it might make sense to optimize longer tailed terms while utilizing PPC to catch the broader search terms as ad copy, landing pages, ect can be quickly controlled. The key is to know when to emphasize one over the other, or when to use one to support the other.

Another cross tactic approach is to take advantage of PPC search query data. Analyzing PPC search query data might uncover terms that are driving a lot of paid traffic, but don’t perform well in organic search. Those keywords become an opportunity for the SEO team to create optimized content around which will increase your traffic volume without increasing your PPC budget. This type of cross tactic sharing should be happening regularly as your target audience will not remain in the status quo with their search habits.

Landing Pages:

Assuming the necessary tracking is in place on all pages and keywords, you can take valuable learning’s from the actual landing pages. If you notice that certain pages created for organic keywords perform well from a conversion stand point, why not re-purpose those pages as PPC landing pages? This allows you to create offers and calls to action for those specific keywords.

These are just a few examples of cross tactic sharing. Once the SEO and PPC efforts start informing each other you will think of additional ways to repurpose content and data to benefit your overall online marketing results.

Erik Whaley
Erik Whaley is the director of Local Search Traffic, interested in local map listings, local search marketing, local PPC and franchise marketing
Erik Whaley

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    The most important thing is to keep the branding and messaging the same throughout your PPC and SEO campaigns. The two have to look and feel like they belong together and are working towards the same goal. Otherwise you risk confusing your audience. When the PPC and SEO support each other, you have more opportunities.

  • research paper

    very interesing. i’ve never heard about ppc. so now i have what to do in the evening. thanks a lot for sucha agreat information!

  • Zippy Cart

    Everything related to drawing people in from the wider world of the web is related. This is all good advice, to be sure. It’s pretty much common sense (though I can see how some people would overlook it). Victory in SEO is based on information: knowing which keywords are ranking, what is trending, and how to get in front of things that draw people in.

  • HP_toner_cartridge

    In our company SEO and PPC blends and works together.

  • Steve Sasman

    They definitely work together. I’m sure someone has done studies showing the CTRs are higher when both appear on the first page vs just one, as one can help legitimize the other.. The key as you mentioned is having both campaigns working together to maximize the opportunities.

  • Web Hosting Service

    Its the beauty of marketing, we can expect very good results if two marketing techniques are used at the same time on the same campaign.

  • Local Search Marketing

    Great post, thank you for sharing. It’s interesting that you say both online marketing strategies can work together, because the majority of the time business owners opt for either SEO, or PPC. When it comes to optimising websites to ensure they get to the top of organic listings, there are many factors involved that could make or break a potentially excellent end result – however, with both PPC & SEO a properly designed website is crucial, as the attention span of an internet user is three seconds – so every website has that amount of time to make a lasting impression…

    Your suggestions were excellent, I enjoyed reading the post. You have some great insights, and discussed a really interesting topic!

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  • Best GPT Sites

    Very interesting post. I learned more about SEO and PPC compatibility. Thank you for the tips.

  • Best GPT Sites

    Very interesting post. I learned more about SEO and PPC compatibility. Thank you for the tips.

  • naidu june

    Nice Erik Whaley, I have gone through your post. It’s really informative information thanks for the sharing..