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Measuring the Quality of a Link

Measuring the Quality of a Link

Measuring the Quality of a Link

Have a linking campaign in the works but not sure exactly where to begin or how to judge the quality of the links you’re building, or buying? Todd Malincoat dissects the anatomy of quality link building with 6 quality link indicators on the StuntDubl blog:

Getting links is hard work. It’s very difficult to solicit links with no value proposition. It’s difficult to develop a value proposition if you have no sense of what you’re negotiating for. This is one of the key reasons why understanding the value of links is such a critical component to an SEO campaign.

No one likes to hear that placing a value on a link is a “gut feel” skill, but it’s true. You need to repeat the process many times, and understand the shifts in the marketplace.

Here’s how you can test the value of links, anchor text and sites which you are soliciting links from in less than five minutes.

1. By Keyword, Theme, or Industry Value : What is the value of the placement and traffic garnished from that link?

2. PageRank and Link Popularity : How much of a well trafficked authority site is that of which you have in your sights?

3. Outbound linking : In order to get, one has to give a little. Does the site give as much as it receives?

4. Links to the entire domain : How many sites are linking to various pages throughout the domain? And not just their links pages or link baited topics?

5. Where’s the link? Where on the site and within the pages will your link occur? In the body? The sidebar? Or hidden on the bottom? Would a normal web user notice or find the link? If so, chances are it will have more value to something burried behind the bushes.

6. How aged is the site? Anyone with a well mannered upbringing has respect for their elders. Expect the search engine algorithms to follow suit on giving value to links from older, established sites.

Todd has a rundown on the tools, which are all available in the post, The Five Minute Link Value Test at StuntDubl.

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Measuring the Quality of a Link

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