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Measuring Link Value with Text Link Ads

Measuring Link Value with Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads has developed a new calculator tool which measures the dollar value of links on web sites. The Text Link Ads Calculator is quite useful for webmasters as a fun way to see what the worth of their site links are, but is of great value to Text Link Ads and the link advertising industry.

The Text Link Ads Calculator may just in fact become much more than a link building & viral marketing tool for the advertising network as it enters the Search Engine Marketing industry at a time when the industry is missing a uniform site link worth measurement standard.

It used to be that looking at a site’s PageRank and trial and error bidding and counter offers with site publishers were held in high regard in the linking industry.

Now, using the Text Link Ads Calculator, publishers can set prices for lifetime or monthly links on their sites when solicited by link buyers, and have a respected industry metric in the Text Link Ads Calculator to fortify their price.

My gut feeling is that if you purchase link advertising for your clients’ Internet marketing strategy, buy all of the relevant links that you can now, because Text Link Ads is doing its best to educate the public on the value of a link, and also convert independent publsihers over to its ad network. The end result is a win-win situation for publishers and Text Link Ads.

And just how accurate is the Text Link Ads Calculator?

Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads says that the following criteria are taken into account when calculating link worth:

* Traffic of your website – the lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the price.

* Link popularity of your website – the more links (and more quality links), the higher the price.

* Theme of your website – there is more demand for some themes than others.

* Number of links to be sold – the fewer the number of links on a page, the higher the price.

* Sitewide or single page placement – “sitewide” vs. on a single page of your website (slightly more value given to links that appear sitewide).

* Location on the page – more value when the links are placed in an area where they have the best chance of being clicked.

What does this mean? First of all, Alexa is becoming more and more of value when determining site traffic ranking. Sure, Alexa has its problems, but until something else better hits the market – download the Alexa toolbar now!

Organic link building is also of great value to publishers, for attracting organic traffic, helping with search engine rankings, and now in terms of site monetization via the Text Link Ads advertising network.

Let’s look at some sites and see how much a link should be worth according to the Text Link Ad Calculator.

* Search Engine Journal : $364 (or you could just send us a release, news info, or buy direct button ads)
* (kinda funny) : Fuh-get About It!
* : $13,156
* Search Engine Watch : $10,764
* Blog Herald : $215
* LookSmart : $1,771
* : $1,107
* Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog link ads are worth this:
Jeremy's Plane
* If you buy Matt Cutts a six pack of these he may link to you:
Matt's Price

Oh yes, here’s a shameless plug:

Umdum Directory :

The Umdum Web Directory charges a fee of $40 for the editorial review and inclusion of sites listed in its directory. That’s a $40 lifetime fee.

The Text Link Ads Calculator says that one link, on a single page, is worth $32 a month to the advertiser (only to increase).

In this case, marketers are saving oodles upon oodles of cash by listing their page in Umdum for $40.

By the way, TLA notes : This calculator is an estimate of market prices and does not always reflect the prices of Text Link Ads inventory.

Regardless, for the right kinds of sites, Text Link Ads can bring some nice monthly revenue in exchange for some non-obtrusive and relevant link advertisements (they give publishers the option of reviewing & approving advertisers) on your site.

So, what is the value of your site’s links according to the Text Link Ads Calculator?

Please feel free to list your value and your thoughts on this tool in the comments below.

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Measuring Link Value with Text Link Ads

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