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Matt Cutts : Google & SEO Interviews

Matt Cutts : Google & SEO Interviews

2005 may be remembered as the year of the Green Chicken for some, and the year of Paris Hilton and the Pritt-Aniston break up for others, but for the SEO community, I’m taking the liberty to declare 2005 to have been the Year of Matt Cutts. Since Matt started blogging and making himself more accessible online and at conferences, he has been handed the task of holy search messenger by Google to help bring some sanity to the SEO world.

And SEO has changed over the past year. No longer is the industry loosely associated with such short term results targeted & senseless practices such as keyword stuffing, link mining, and article & content reprinting. Instead, Matt has helped tremendously to add legitimacy & professionalism to SEO by persuading practicioners to focus value on original content, valued earned links, and natural language text. Additionally, Matt’s diplomacy has assisted in shining the spotlight a bit brighter on usability, bringing long time forums such as Cre8asite and its moderators into the ‘SEO’ tutorial & expert mix.

On the Matt Cutts blog, Matt has put together a nice review of his SEO oriented interviews with Aaron Wall, Nick Wilson of Performancing, Philipp Lenssen, and Sarah McKay. The post, dubbed Mattaholic, is a nice compilation of Matt’s insight over the past year, and I would highly recommend that all interviews be printed out, then read outloud with a big sloppy mug of coffee in one hand and a ball point pen or yellow hilighter in the other.

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Matt Cutts : Google & SEO Interviews

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